He is in India. Again. Studying yoga; mastering himself and yet still connected to New York and Los Angeles, conducting business, still being true to himself. My friend, Adam, after years of stress and over-working in the financial district, let go of almost everything several years ago. He bought a motorcycle and rode across America visiting friends and family. Highway 66 saw his shadow and felt his tread for several months as he worked out lurking demons from an industry that almost took his soul.

But there was a bit of trickery involved here for as much as Adam tried to remove and then free himself from the grasp of his work and his business mind, he couldn't. His bike took him back home often where he once again picked up the yoke with which he is perpetually strapped: a mind that can't stop thinking and an entrepreneurial heart that can't stop giving. Over the years, he has learned to walk away when he needs to and come back when he is drawn, when he can't help himself, when his mind explodes with ideas or his advice is desired and requested.

Lucky for him, life in the corporate grind behind a beautifully polished desk was good enough and he made not only money but connections and is to be able to disappear every now and then and reconnect with the good earth, the open road, and himself. I envy him. I envy the opportunity he has to shake off the dust of NY, to recklessly apply the dust of an open Alabama road or a well-trodden foot path in India. The last time he disappeared to India, we were able to connect via skype a couple times, not so this time... India is twelve and a half hours ahead of me and my work schedule keeps me more than occupied.

But, I am happy for me. I am happy to have found work that I love, that invigorates me, that challenges me, that changes me, improves me, and supports my family. My brush with biz came later than Adam's. An earlier career allowed me the opportunity to be at home with my children when they were younger, to grow up with them, and learn from them as much as they learned from me. They are an incomprehensible joy. But life sometimes gets in the way of joy and more involved "work" became the choice I had to make.

Recruiting saved me. It was life-changing, work-changing, and the perfect fit for a single mom in need of a career that would bring in the necessary funds and long-sought after time. Prior to recruiting, I worked two jobs, attended school full-time, fifteen units, and cared for four children, aged four to fourteen. The advert I answered should have closed with, "Not only a great job, but may save your life, your home, your sanity..." For surely it did. And it brought to me friendships like Adam's...
The world of recruiting opened its arms and I jumped in head first. So glad I did.

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I have had my fair share of 'wanderlust' moments, since I read Kerouac's, 'On The Road' twenty years ago. I have not, at age 43, had many opportunities to do as your friend has done. One summer in France, and a few smaller trips, but each one provided many treasured memories. I do look forward to the day, when I can afford, my next great adventure.

Thanks for sharing the story of Adam. It has got me thinking.
Most of my 30 years since I graduated from college were in the big corporate world. In the corporate world, I experienced ongoing stress and limited freedom to deal with my "non-work' world. This is my second tenure in the recruitment industry & I am enjoying the freedom. Yes, there are challenges and frustrations at times...I am happy this option "works for me." Thanks for sharing the way recruitment has improved your life...
Rayanne, Fantastic story!

It instantly brought me back to the first few pages of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Having had motorcycles in the past (wanting another bike has been a burning desire however braces and University/College for three kids got in the way!) I can completely relate to Adam. The stress relief of being on the open road riding a motorcycle is one of the greatest feelings.

Like Will this is my second go in the industry as I did try my hand at combining two other passions, Sales and Hockey, however selling season tickets, advertising and suite rentals for the Ottawa Senators hockey club was no where near as rewarding as recruiting. Changing someone's life is a great feeling and now it is even MORE rewarding as I get to help people move into or move to better places within the Recruiting industry as our niche is Recruiting for Recruiters.

Although the emotional roller coaster of recruiting offers you the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, maybe within hours of each other, the highs of being to help people outweighs everything else.

Thank you for creating another high today by posting Adam's and more importantly your story.


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Recruiting is Awesome!

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