Third Party Thursday with Scott Love: Want to find out if that candidate is really interested in your opportunity? Here are some ideas on how to test their interest level so that they don't waste your time.

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Great stuff Scott, as usual!
I typically will also ask the candidate something like: "If we find a position that meets your needs, how likely are you to make a change... on a scale from 1-10... 1 being 'no way,' and 10 being 'I'm packing my bags.'?"
If they give a "5-6" I ask a clarifying question, " So if the location, job specs, and money is right, you'd still be on the fence?"
That is a sure sign of counter-offer material.
Again, as you said, this is still going by what they say. However, it helps them take the emotion out of it, and makes it more of a logical response.
One of my favorite "Action Tests" is to tell the candidate to talk the opportunity over with his significant other especially if the candidate is going to relocate. I say: "Joe, take a day to discuss this with your wife and let me know what you guys figure out. Give me a call either way and let me know how you decide." I take the pressure off the candidate initially and put the ball in their court, It's up to the candidate to tell me that he wants to pursue the opportunity and to justify his desire. This approach has enabled me to have a 100% acceptance rate.

There is absolutely no candidate control and it's a myth that is unfortunately pushed onto young recruiters that creates a pressure guilt loop. Recruiters feel that it's their fault that a candidate changes his mind, when in reality there was little the recruiter could do. This creates a very serious resentment problem between recruiting, management, and sales.

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