Transcript - Talent Talk Cafe: Week of Nov 10th - Suzy Tonini on Competitive Intelligence

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Susan Burns Hi Everyone! Stick around for Talent Talk Cafe with Suzy Tonini - topic is compeititve intelligence. Starting in 5!
1:59pm Irina Shamaeva Hi
1:59pm Suzy Hi everyone
1:59pm Maureen Sharib Hi Suzy.
1:59pm Maren Hogan Hey Suzy!
1:59pm Suzy Susan will you be the emcee here please?
1:59pm Susan Burns Hi Irina - Hi Suzy - Hi Maureen - we'll begin in a few
2:00pm Slouch Hey Suzy, Thanks for spending an hour with us
2:00pm Dorothy Beach CI was whart caught my eye
2:00pm Irina Shamaeva I'm Suzy's follower on twitter - enjoy it, very informative
2:00pm Suzy Hi Maureen, Irina, Maren and Jason-nice being here virtually
2:00pm Susan Burns Hello Everyone! Its time for Talent Talk Cafe! Our special guest host today is Suzy Tonini from Deloitte
2:00pm Amybeth Hale Hi Suzy!
2:00pm Susan Burns A couple of things and then we'll get started
2:00pm Suzy Hey Amybeth!
2:01pm Suzy So I'm just going to say one big group hello
2:01pm Susan Burns You can click on Chat in the blue nav bar to pop the chat out and make it bigger and easier to follow
2:02pm Susan Burns Also, if you haven't already heard......drumroll.....Talent Talk Cafe is now on twice a week - Tues and Thurs with 6 fabulous new voices and another one to be announced soon!
2:02pm Susan Burns Our guest host today - Suzy Tonini - is a wealth of information! I learn something from her every week thanks to all her fab tweets!
2:02pm Suzy Cool beans! Can I ask a few questions to your group then?
2:03pm Susan Burns Take it away Suzy!
2:03pm Susan Burns Hi Amybeth!
2:04pm Amybeth Hale Hello Susan :D
2:04pm Suzy BTW:Tweets are 140 chat msgs on Twitter in case you dind't know that by now. One of my fav tools for gathering CI. OK for you TPR'sdo you add value by providing CI to your Clients? If so, what do you provide and what tols do you use?
2:04pm Suzy excuse lame spelling
2:04pm Susan Burns What are TPRs - exscuse the lame acronym knowledge ;-)
2:05pm Jeff Gauthier third party recruiters
2:05pm Susan Burns Thanks Jeff!
2:05pm Suzy Was that too big of a question....?Yes, Third Party Recruiters/Agencies etc
2:05pm Shannon Myers yes and no
2:05pm Eric Gilson We provide CI information regarding salaries to our clients. We use the phone as a tool to gather the information.
2:05pm Jeff Gauthier as a tpr, we share salary/offer info as appropriate from competitors
2:06pm Shannon Myers Agreed more info as related to marketing the position - salaries, benefits, etc
2:06pm Suzy So you wouldn't provide org charts of sorts as an added value?
2:06pm Shannon Myers with names or just to show structure?
2:07pm Suzy well, names are always juicier;-D
2:07pm Jeff Gauthier we would be more inclined to keep that to ourselves
2:07pm Irina Shamaeva We get paid on a contingency basis. I wish we were also paid for providing CI
2:07pm Eric GilsonIt's not that I wouldn't, I just don't currently
2:08pm Kay Hi All, can sombody tell me how do i remove a blog?
2:08pm Paul DeBettignies I share who is hiring, laying off, new products, news not yet out in the community
2:08pm Maureen Sharib I think it's a BIG income area that sourcers can tap into (if they're so inclined).
2:08pm Shannon Myers I think more CI is offered depending on relationship you already have with a client and whether it is for a new position you are recruiting for or more general
2:08pm Kay I mean I posteda blog a couple of days ago now I want to delete it from my page
2:08pm Susan Burns Hi Kay - you can write to Jason through his profile. This is a scheduled chat so they'll be focused on set topic
2:09pm Suzy OK- for corporate recruiters then-is there a CI function w/in your company and do you gather primary research info (phone) and disseminate back to your team and leadership?
2:09pm Kay oops!!!
2:09pm Suzy Thanks Maureen- good point
2:09pm Suzy Paul- that's good stuff you are sharing
2:09pm Dorothy Beach No CI function and yes primary info is given back to team
2:10pm Paul DeBettignies (but I do keep theorg chart to myself)
2:10pm Maureen Sharib CI could be a direct link between recruiting and business devt with outreaches to devt and marketing.
2:10pm Irina Shamaeva Suzy, we work with 2 of your competitors and our relationships with them are good very structured.
2:10pm Irina Shamaeva good but
2:10pm Dorothy Beach Most companies aren't organized to receive much from Recruiting(
2:10pm Suzy Dorothy-can you expand on that thought?
2:11pm Maureen Sharib Most companiesdon't tHINK about what information recruiters and sourcers come across on a daily basis...
2:11pm Paul DeBettignies or that it is as valuable as it is
2:11pm Maureen Sharib Zakly
2:11pm Susan Burns Often recruiting doesn't offer up the info to the right people though - they have to take the lead sometimes
2:11pm Dorothy Beach I meant as far as CI is concerned.
2:11pm Susan Burns If you have the knowledge but don't share it ....who would know to ask?
2:11pm Suzy Yes- so in essence a structured CI function that works hand in hand with recruiting would be ideal, correct?
2:11pm Maureen Sharib They don'tknow howtohANDLE the information for the most part - how toact on it - a lack of criticalthinking IMO
2:11pm Paul DeBettignies yes
2:12pm Irina Shamaeva Yes
2:12pm Eric Gilson I guess that we do provide information on some of our clients competitors. Which verticals or horizontals consulting firms seem to be hiring in. But I would hope that they would already know who they are competing with out there?
2:12pm Suzy Eric- you'd be surprised
2:12pm Paul DeBettignies I know of a big company here in Mpls that calls it the rumor mill. They ask recruiters to pass on any information they ehar about to the VP operations
2:12pm Dorothy Beach No place in an ATS that can capture it and then be serached for - it miiht be illegal to even put it in there? So where to put it?
2:12pm Maureen Sharib My thots zakly Suzy!
2:12pm Susan Burns Suzy - how do you see CI intersecting with workforce planning?
2:12pm Eric Gilson SAP for example....
2:13pm Suzy Paul- well, that's innovative!
2:13pm Maureen Sharib Illegal?
2:13pm Paul DeBettignies nothing formal, just pass it on
2:13pm Suzy Susan- can you maybe rephrase?
2:13pm Maureen Sharib Big audience today Suzy!
2:13pm Suzy HA! Thanks Maureen
2:14pm Susan Burns As you see CI working closely w/ the recruiting function do you also see it working closely with the workforce planning group or person?
2:14pm Eric Gilson How do you use and distribut CI internally Suzy
2:14pm Suzy Dorothy- hmm...yes, good point. ATS might not be the spot for CI-perhaps a newsletter?
2:15pm Suzy Eric- that's for me to know and for you to find out:-0
2:15pm Dorothy Beach I am thinking of risk for a company to let that out - advice on how to handle that kind of info?
2:15pm Susan Burns Suzy - are sharepoint sites being used too?
2:15pm Dorothy Beach Adding this info to a Sharepoint site that has hiring manager access?
2:15pm Suzy Susan- I see CI being used pretty much in all functions of a company. Yes, I've heard of internal Sharepoint sites being used
2:16pm Shannon Myers I would think some CI would be vital to attracting/retaining talent and has to be discussed somewhere
2:16pm Susan Burns what about CRM? Could it be set up to manage the info as well?
2:16pm Suzy I would like to hear fromothers on Dorothy's question...?
2:16pm Irina Shamaeva Suzy, we talk about CI and hopefully we all understand it similarly - but would you mind saying a definition, or listing items?
2:16pm Dorothy Beach You mean CRM like Salesforce that others have access to?
2:17pm Suzy Irina- competitive and business intelligence- what your competitors are doing, hiring, firing, planning on doing, salaries, benefits etc
2:17pm Dorothy Beach Before I forget there is Paul Houston - from SCIP - who specializes in Recruiting and CI
2:17pm Susan Burns Dorothy - yes but access can be protected if needed/desired
2:17pm Irina Shamaeva Thanks
2:18pm Suzy Paul Houston- well check him out- I too am amember of SCIP
2:18pm Suzy Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals
2:18pm Suzy So how does your company leverage CI to source candidates?
2:19pm Suzy And- when does gathring CI become unethical, in your opinions
2:19pm Dorothy Beach Right now it is the simple stuff - layoff reports, industry reports, analysts reports ...
2:20pm Susan Burns Suzy - do you like what LI is doing with the corporate beta project - is it a good CI resource?
2:21pm Irina Shamaeva We know the competitors and what they are good at so look for candidates there; know when they are about to layoff or are being acquired etc
2:21pm Paul DeBettignies I found staying within my ethics is simple. I always ask people, "what do you know"
2:21pm Dorothy Beach If you go to a new employee and he/she is apporached about their last company but doesn't want to talk about it - the recriter/CI person might push for info too hard - then it might be unethical
2:21pm Paul DeBettignies rarely have to dig further although I may be missing the "really" good stuff
2:21pm Suzy I like what LI did very much- it's not 100% but it certainly gives you som good basic data to work off of
2:22pm Susan Burns Curious - if your working with a prospect that easily offers up info - how do you feel about presenting them to a client?
2:22pm Susan Burns the person that is who just disclosed a bunch of proprietary info ;-)
2:22pm Dorothy Beach Not sure what the corp beta project is?
2:22pm Eric Gilson I would coach him to be a little more tight lipped
2:22pm Suzy I like yuor approach Paul-keep it simple
2:23pm Susan Burns Dorothy - click on a company name in someones profile and you'll see
2:23pm Suzy Agreed with Eric
2:23pm Dorothy Beach Oh you mean the link for company info - yes very interesting and could be expanded
2:24pm Suzy I'm curious- oes your company try to obtain CI from new hires and is that process established?
2:24pm Susan Burns Good question Suzy!
2:24pm Suzy This would be for corporate recruiters
2:24pm Dorothy Beach Not established -
2:24pm Eric Gilson If I was internal, I was ask each new hire for a list of the best people he/she has worked with over the last few years.
2:25pm Eric Gilson every hire
2:25pm Suzy Good one Eric
2:25pm Dorothy Beach Corporations have a hard time just getting employees to put profiles into the address book!
2:25pm Susan Burns When I've seen it done its more informal and inconsistent but should be an established part of the on-boarding process like asking for referrals
2:25pm Dorothy Beach It seems it takes a lot to get info from new employees - maybe because they stress about on-boarding.
2:25pm Amybeth Hale When we hire new people, we use that opportunity to get referrals for hires
2:26pm Shannon Myers Dorthoy - LI is using data from LI users and updates from Capital IQ to be able to show who is where coming and going if you click on some of the companies - still in devp't
2:26pm Amybeth Hale and often in that process we discover good CI nuggets :)
2:26pm Susan Burns Amybeth - how are the CI nuggets shared
2:26pm Amybeth Hale Such as if our competitors do investment hiring, if they've recently had hiring frosts, or perhaps certain areas of their business where they are ramping up (potential new client gains)
2:27pm KarenM / question, does anyone ask if there the candidate signed any non disclosures before asking questions?
2:27pm Suzy That would be a good question, Karen!
2:27pm Susan Burns Karen - would also expect that has come up prior in the hiring process
2:27pm Susan Burns or previously ;-)
2:28pm Dorothy Beach Oh yes, especially in an Exec Search Practice and if the search is confidential
2:28pm Suzy I would asume any self-respecting hiring manager/recruiter would do that
2:28pm Jason C. Blais How much time and how often do people engage in CI activity?
2:28pm Amybeth Hale Precisely. Those things are determined going through the hiring process to begin with.
2:28pm KarenM / another question, then, the candidate has said agreement, and they expose information, what would you do as the recruiter or hiring manager?
2:28pm Suzy Jason: it can be a full-time job or it can be an extension of your recruiting -ask probing questions
2:29pm Susan Burns Amybeth - can u share more about how the info gathered is put to use.....shared with key people.....
2:29pm Eric Gilson My HM's have shot a guy down for this when the info shared was actually public knowledge
2:29pm Jason C. Blais (sorry I'm late to the table- I was at an HR meeting acquiring CI from Corp HR Prof's and Consultants)
2:29pm Susan Burns Suzy - can it overlap with a sourcing strategist role too
2:29pm Eric Gilson yeah yeah
2:29pm Susan Burns So, Jason - you have lots of new CI to share with us then ;-)
2:30pm Suzy Susan- yes indeed Sourcing and CI should go hand in hand
2:30pm Amybeth Hale I'm just a simple researcher. I share what I learn w/ my manager and let him decide what to do with it.
2:30pm Susan Burns Amybeth - u underestimate yourself ;-)
2:30pm Jason C. Blais (reading my ethics and morality book now, trying to determine whether it's okay to share, and if so how)
2:30pm Eric Gilson How about TPR using CI to attract passive candidates?
2:30pm Suzy Amybeth: you are NOT just a simple researcher @:^)
2:31pm Dorothy Beach You mean Eric about the company they are in?
2:31pm Susan Burns Seriously Amybeth - I could see u developing a secret insights book each month that goes to the Board!
2:31pm Eric Gilson "I hear that your current company lost that account or is about to...."
2:31pm Eric Gilson yes
2:31pm Suzy To Karen's point: what would you do if candidate has NDA and exposes info anyway...and the answer is?
2:31pm Jason C. Blais I'd like to hear more about what is done with the CI once you have it- white papers? Meetings? Strategic implementation? newsletters?
2:32pm KarenM / jason that is a good one, and also to add to that, what does your company do to protect themselves if they become privy to info they may not have
2:32pm Suzy Jason- I beleive all of the above would be an ideal mix
2:32pm Susan Burns Suzy - re last Q - (a) shouldn't ask out of respect but (b) if they share I'd say bad hire!
2:33pm Suzy OK- one of MY fave topics- what tools do YOU ue to uncover CI??
2:33pm Susan Burns Many companies have written policies stating that the information can not and should not be used and its grounds for separation
2:33pm Amybeth Hale When we are made aware, either through a tip or a public press release, that a target company has started rounds of layoffs, the other researcher and I set about looking for individuals who work for that company, gather their contact information, and pass it to our recruiters or do initial outreach to them.
2:33pm Dorothy Beach Yes, what is professional in manner? Especially if candidate is to go to a high position
2:34pm Jason C. Blais If there are public layoffs, isn't it appropriate to contact the HR at the location and offer to help with career transition?
2:34pm Susan Burns Suzy - before we go on - wondering if it would be helpful to discern between CI that is appropriate to collect and share and CI that is not appropriate to collec and share
2:34pm Dorothy Beach Now see I have gone straight to the outplacement companies to ask what titles for example are being released
2:34pm Dorothy Beach What the timing is
2:35pm Susan Burns Jason - YES!
2:35pm Dorothy Beach Usually someone in HR in the targeted company that is laying off will tell you which outplacement firm they use
2:35pm Dorothy Beach The onlycompany I haven't been able to get that from was P&G
2:35pm Dorothy Beach But I got it from other sources
2:36pm Suzy Well appropriate is A)anything that is on the internet (for the most part) is fair game and can be shared and B)inappropriate- I guess I don't know since I've never gone there!
2:36pm Dorothy Beach so one should search th einternet before disclosing?
2:37pm Susan Burns So, is information shared during conversation appropriate if its simply offered up and there is not an NDA
2:37pm Jason C. Blais we work with ouplacement firms, to provide "online job hunting tips" to those outplaced. Often they haven't searched for a job in quite some time. As a job posting service, we know we have had exposure to a group from a certain background, and our sales calls other companies to sell access ot our RezDB. Is that commonly agreed to be appropriate?
2:37pm Irina Shamaeva Suzy - what is you get somebody's password to a closed source?
2:37pm Susan Burns I guess there is also a fine line between legal and ethical. Recall hearing of someone getting a hold of a doc online that should not have been available - do you use it or not?
2:38pm Suzy Irina- that sounds un-ethical to me if I hear you correctly
2:38pm Jason C. Blais A little bird told me?
2:38pm Dorothy Beach It seems to me Susan that happens less and less often
2:38pm Amybeth Hale Who's the one to determine if the doc should/should not have been available?
2:38pm Eric Gilson I use Jason's line
2:39pm Suzy Jason & Eric- and that actually flies as an answer?
2:39pm Dorothy Beach so how does one reveal sources of information that might be delicate?
2:39pm Eric Gilson example: A candidate tells me the name of their best Client Partner. I ask if I can use the candidate's name when contacting them. They say no.
2:40pm Jason C. Blais:-! not exactly. Though sometimes the value of the information will bend people's sense of ethics..s
2:40pm Susan Burns AMybeth - in the ex I shared - it was part of an SEC filing for a financial inst - full org chart with names and titles
2:40pm Jason C. Blais i try to avoid those situations as best as possible.
2:40pm Jason C. Blais susan- wow.
2:41pm Suzy And Susan- how did you know it wasn't supposed to be up?
2:41pm Eric Gilson I don't come out and say a birdy told me, what I tell them is that their name was given to me by a individual that I am currently assisting in a confidential job search.
2:41pm Susan Burns Suzy - don't know for sure but it was requested with the filing and I would expect the company did not anticipate it to be an accessible document
2:41pm Eric Gilson Your name came up as someone who is very good at what they do. ALl I can say is that I will offer you the same level of confidentiality that I offer all executives that I engage with.
2:42pm Maureen Sharib full org chart with names and titles That's unusual in an SEC filing. ALL the employees?
2:42pm Dorothy Beach A SEC file not accessible?
2:42pm Eric Gilson and yeah. That works everytime
2:42pm Susan Burns May be more common now with SOX - not sure
2:42pm Jason C. Blais I'm trying to build more CI into our company. I am a member and on the board of HR associations. I attend trade and chamber activities. I build trust and gain info and insight.
2:42pm Susan Burns Maureen - not all but a lot!
2:42pm Dorothy Beach Ohhh - something to look into...
2:43pm Susan Burns Suzy - I think we got off track - you had another question for us
2:43pm Jason C. Blais I become very wary of handing that intelligence to our sales team, as I don't want to burn bridges. We need the info, but have to be tactful on how we use it.
2:43pm Suzy Jason- that sounds like a very good path you're on
2:43pm Irina Shamaeva Someone told me recently that examining source code for web pages is not right, you agree?
2:43pm Jim - medXcentral jumping in late again.. sorry.
2:44pm Amybeth Hale Isn't source code considered to be public domain?
2:44pm Suzy My question was: what tools & techniques do you guys use to gather useful CI?
2:44pm Eric Gilson The telephone
2:44pm Amybeth Hale I love press releases personally - online paper trails. One usually leads to several others
2:44pm Suzy Irina- why is that not right? If anyone is able to view them...
2:44pm Jason C. Blais In a previous life, I worked for a travel broker that guaranteed loweest rates.
2:44pm Maureen Sharib I have allowed my thoughts to wander -my mind to drift - here: If a corporation is a public entity then doesn't the "public" (who holds stock) deserve to be privy to the employee info? I know it's a pipedream...a fantasy...but it sure would be nice! :)
2:44pm Jason C. Blais There was a whole dept devoted to calling all our competitors every day and filling a spreadsheet with rates
2:44pm Dorothy Beach Usual stuff - SEC filings, websites, blogs, LinkedIn sometimes, etc
2:44pm Susan Burns Twitter, LI
2:45pm Irina Shamaeva Say on zoominfo you can view source of your results and emails will not be truncated, easy to get all at once, like cheating
2:45pm Suzy Maureen- nice dream for sure!!
2:45pm Susan Burns Maureen - guess it comes down to intention. Transparency is very good but protecting assets protects the shareholders as well
2:46pm Jason C. Blais Old school but effective. Now there is much more activity on the web, but it's become less reliable. Published info, particularly on the web will always be tainted with spin..
2:46pm Suzy I'm sure RSS feeds are used as well-I like to be on top of things and disseminate to my team ASAP
2:46pm Susan Burns Ultimately - if ee are happy, engaged and taken care of they won't leave. if they want to leave its only a matter of time
2:46pm Jason C. Blais Suzy, do you think more people should have access to CI tools like RSS feeds, or fewer?
2:46pm Susan Burns RSS is going wild - although I heard it may peak at 11% usage
2:47pm Susan Burns Suzy - do u by that # - 11% of Internet users will take advantage of RSS
2:47pm Suzy Jason-it takes a certain type of info-maniac to really stay on top of things, but yes people should have access to RSS feeds by all means!
2:47pm Suzy I know- not that many RSS users kind of boggles my mind- just gave a webinar on setting them up etc
2:47pm Jason C. Blais I mean to say: will productivity suffer from analysis paralysis? Too much time in research, not enough time in action?
2:48pm Maureen Sharib Is there a single most important piece of CI?
2:48pm Susan Burns Jason - good point - comes down to roles and structure to take advantage of it
2:48pm Suzy Jason-that is why Internet Researchers such as Amybeth and I are of great value-let us do the legwork
2:48pm Susan Burns Maureen - do u mean of the data collected or of how its used?
2:48pm Dorothy Beach Yes, how to manage it all - I think you have to try enough venues to understand what gives most pointed info and then cut out all the rest
2:48pm Maureen Sharib The data collected.
2:49pm Susan Burns Suzy - this really emphasizes the importance of how a recruiting/talent function is structured. Much more sophisticated to then previously
2:49pm Charles Bretz Suzy, any tips orbest practices for compiling and sharing your CI - what about storage and access
2:49pm Suzy Thanks Susan- very true.
2:49pm Dorothy Beach Goof Q Maureen - is there such a thing as a single best CI site/blog/whatever?
2:50pm Amybeth Hale Jason: agreed w/ Suzy. Professional researchers know what to do with the mountains of information that would be daunting to most people. It's good to have people like us on staff to filter through these important bits of information.
2:50pm Jason C. Blais In our business, I am the funnel for info from blogs, associations, networks, RSS feeds, etc, for the higher level strategic data collection. We turn that data into seminars accredited by HRCI, offer the seminar, build trust, get leads.
2:50pm Maureen Sharib Or what piece of CI is most valuable? Any opinions?
2:50pm Jason C. Blais However, our sales managers spend a % of time on sales CI...
2:50pm Suzy Charles- well hello there! Ideally, a corporate social networks comprised of RSS feeds, blogs and wikis would be the best way to disseminate CI- IBM has something really good up and running w/even a Twitter like function
2:50pm Susan Burns If someone is on IE could you try and copy the chat stream and send me a doc. I can't get it with Firefox or Safari
2:50pm Dorothy Beach So would a CRM typically used by sales people be a one stop shop?
2:50pm Jason C. Blais Charles- I'm interested in the same- storage and dissemination
2:51pm Amybeth Hale Suzy, do they use Yammer?
2:51pm RecruiterGuy Video for my friends here on RBC...
2:51pm Amybeth Hale Yammer not has groups you can moderate w/i you company. Great way to get info quickly to large, or small, groups of people
2:51pm Susan Burns Dorothy - to some degree - yes, what biz dev and sales is putting into the CRM it could be very informative
2:51pm Jason C. Blais Susan, I can capture this stream on Firefox. Highlight the first line. Then hold the shift and click on the last line, copy paste
2:51pm Maren Hogan oh good I was gonna say that Chris just put up a really cool post on slicin g and dicing the RSS feeds you get
2:51pm Suzy IBM uses something proprietary called Beehive I beleive-I've tried Yammer- it's OK
2:52pm Susan Burns well thank you Jason!
2:52pm Susan Burns Jason - still can't get it but I'm on a mac - is that why
2:53pm Susan Burns Suzy - is beehive avail outside of IBM or proprietary in dev and use?
2:53pm Suzy Maureen- as far as best piece of CI-all relative to your company...
2:53pm Jason C. Blais I'll get it at 4... though I only came in at 3:12, so missed some. I'll send it to you
2:53pm Charles Bretz I can copy and paste the thread. who should I send it to?
2:53pm Suzy Susan- Beehive is their internal twitter tool
2:53pm Susan Burns thanks Charles -
2:53pm Charles Bretz You'll have it at the end
2:54pm Susan Burns You data junkies (me too btw) may also be interested in a new book called the Numerati on how companies, esp IBM, are using data to make a lot of decisions about team structure and project deployment - some good internal. Not sure how much may be CI related but possibly
Suzy Thanks Susan- will look into it
2:55pm Susan Burns Suzy - do you have any closing thoughts or last questions
2:55pm Amybeth Hale Numerati was recommended to my by a prominent analyst relations professional as well. As you are the second person to recommend it, I guess I should go buy it :)
2:55pm RecruiterGuy Susan seriously?? By BAker?
2:56pm Suzy BTW- I thank all of you for being here and chatting and I hope it was all worth your while
2:56pm Susan Burns You can read an excerpt of the book in BusinessWeek - or Newsweek - forget which one
2:56pm Eric Gilson Stay happy Suzi. Thinking about you guys!
2:56pm Jason C. Blais I'm glad to know that CI is blossoming and i'm on the right track!
2:56pm Jason C. Blais THanks
2:56pm Suzy Thanks Eric- it's gorgeous out here and you need to come visit
2:56pm Eric Gilson Keller was last night!
2:56pm Eric Gilson I didn't go
2:57pm Susan Burns Suzy - this has been a great chat! Thanks much for all of your insight! I know this was a tough day for you with the loss of your dog and appreciate you spending time with us
2:57pm Suzy Aww-thanks Susan- it was a good distraction
2:57pm Susan Burns Thanks everyone for joining Talent Talk Cafe today - lots of great insight about CI, the value it brings and how to navigate some sensitive areas

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