OK so I admit I am a bit behind on my DVR, but anyone else out in RBC land watch this show in between interview preps? Wow- the acting this season has just gone up another notch.



Breaking Bad


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Breaking Bad is the BADDEST Show on TV...Twists and turns are credible...shot in a wonderfully unique city--Albuquerque, New Mexico (my hometown).
One show we do watch every season, usually we end up watching 2 episodes DVR'd on Sat or Sun.
Another great one tonight......

It is a great show, I just read this morning that AMC signed it up for 16 more episodes for 2012 and this will be its final season.

 Lobo Country! I forgot about that Tino. Rick thanks for the update. With images of Fonzie waterskiing still in my head, there is nothing worse then a great show jumping the shark. In an odd way it pleases me that they have a final date already planned.


Thanks for taking time to visit the Off Topic forum....my home for the weekend when I get away from my desk.

Breaking Bad is going from Bad to Badder.  It leverages each character to the max...then makes them go further.

Me likey.

Breaking Bad is building to a BALLISTIC ENDING...OH GOODIE!

It seems as if Walt and his partner Jessie are switching roles. Walt has become the person that is now out of control and Jessie is the person that has his act together, or as in control as any Meth cook could be in. Enjoyed the twists and turns of this past week’s episode and as always the cinematography was great.

I am like 3 episodes behind, so have been trying to avoid this thread. The irony is that I have been on one of my best friends for years now to watch this show. He gave in and began watching in the middle of August. He not only caught up, but is now 3 episodes ahead of me. I will try to get one in tonight to be caught up for finale.


No one liked my Boardwalk Empire thread - perhaps if it was shot in New Mexico ; )

Let's all hold-up on "Spoiler Alerts" on Breaking Bad until Tim catches-up...pleez.


@Rick--I see Jessie getting more air time but Walt is the MAN... His evolution is punctuated with that manic laughter on Sunday... The show is just getting into a higher gear.  Too bad Breaking Bad is winding down as it's ramping up.


@Tim - Boardwalk I haven't bothered with so far.  Some of the trailers didn't impress so I've passed, frankly.  It reminded me of a memory of a conversation I had with an authority on Rum so many years ago...It left me with a telling observation that stuck with me as a kind of measure for taste in things.  It was regarding rums of the world.  He said...in rum it's like comparing the taste of Bacardi Rum Dark and Meyers Rum.  One tastes and looks so sanitized  because it is.  And the other is so dark and foreboding--taste wise, because it is...if that makes sense.



So I finally caught up last night.....wow......not sure what more to say......wow......


The finale should be explosive!


@Tino - does not make too much sense with regards to rum, but then again I am not a drinker. Give it a shot - hard to get into another show with a huge cast, but it has really grown on me.

Breaking Bad did the deed...indeed...for a final episode of the season.


Did not see that ending coming so soon and with such force and drama.

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