What are some of your Twitter successes for hiring, sourcing and/or networking?  I have primarily used Twitter by following people and using relevant tweets to help me with my sourcing efforts. What ways are you guys using Twitter?  Many of the people I am following are recruiters and it is candidates I want to reach the most with my tweets.   It is difficult to search for people on Twitter by using their line of work in search criteria.  What is everyone else doing?


Just looking for tips from others in the business.





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Ginger - I have used this https://twitter.com/#!/search-home and got some success. Play with it.

Regarding the OP's question:

What are some of your Twitter successes for hiring, sourcing and/or networking?

Hiring; not in the sense of a placement of a candidate, directly at least, but in the sense that we gained a client who is in the construction equipment industry and is also active on Twitter and other social media sites. When they saw that we are active and "with it", that combined with other factors, gained us favor in their site, and started our relationship. This, no doubt, is how other client relationships are beginning for us, due in large part to their participation on Twitter and other social media sites truly taking off.


Sourcing; We conducted a search for a company in the Wind Energy industry who required that candidates have a strong background in Aerospace Engineering among other things. Thanks to a boolean string I learned from Irina Shamaeva, I was able to find well over 100 decent candidates on Twitter based on the info in their Bio's.


Networking; Although the majority of companies who serve our niche, the Construction Equipment Industry, have taken longer to adopt technologies such as social networking, etc, we have started to see some very positive growth both in networking on Twitter and especially on LinkedIn where a lot of professionals are seeing success in putting themselves out there and increasing their participation on these sites.


Now, the hundreds (if not more) of relationships we've established with contacts in the industry, over the years, are starting to trickle into our Twitter network, seeing it as a viable source of job security for them.

The jury is out on Twitter for me.


I know that I should be able to source candidates on it and I am starting to find the right "communities" to do so. However the people that I am looking to engage with don't appear to be on Twitter to find a job, they are on Twitter to have some fun and talk about where they are going to go for a beer after work.


I am led to believe that you should approach sourcing candidates as a "long game" and you need to put the work in for a while before you get anything out of it. If this is the case then you may well want to take Jerry's approach and ignore it and get on with your real job and source candidates other ways. You would not be wrong to do so despite what the Twitter evangelists say. I guess the thing to do is find a balance that works for you.


I do think Twitter is however a good way to promote your business and market know how to the wide public in a cheap and cost effective manner


By the way.... I'm @JonTerryWS on twitter if anyone wants to follow me!

I am a healthcare recruiter and found many great candidates using twitter. I have not hired any of them as of yet but they have provided me with referrals and re-tweeted the jobs that I post. It does take time but I think its worth it. The most important thing is that I enjoy tweeting so that helps :)

Jerry Albright said:

If you recruit IN the HR/SocialMedia/HotAir space then you've got a world of candidates just waiting to connect with you there.

If, on the other hand, you work in Engineering, Accounting, Health Care or any other world outside the "early adopter" crowd - your time is better spent in dozens of other areas. It's not a "gotta put your time in" type of thing. There is nothing there.

Twitter is worthless for recruiting.

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