I talk often of accepting change and being flexible – having the ability to quickly adjust to new or different situations. While this is good and true and, well…, easy for me when it comes to changes in technology, physical changes, however, are little more difficult for me to manage. As in the oft-dreaded office move, can I just scream: Aghhhhh !!!

While the reason for the move (company growth) is very exciting, the actual, tedious task has become a bit of a nightmare. The bruises on my shins and the sore muscles prove I have been an active participant. Dealing with construction issues, landlord communications, security updates, phone/internet problems can easily stack up and create a lovely little patch of heartburn or thumping headache. Updating websites and profiles with new contact information, creating new business cards, ordering more furniture, selecting new software and other programs, visits to hardware stores, managing credit card companies and merchant services – if it sounds like I am complaining, I’m really not.

One incident that hit me where it hurt most was the day and a half failure of our internet connection. Ouch! I was thanking God for my iPhone. I am simply coming to the conclusion that conducting normal business is next to impossible during a time of total upheaval. Not completely impossible but right next door to it… Thankfully, the work is still coming in and 2010 continues to shine a bit brighter.

Ultimately, we all face times where outside distractions or influences that can get in the way of business development or the actual conducting of business. It becomes counter-productive to allow these distractions too much control and change how you would react or perform. Staying connected, being openly communicative, and being willing to try things in an unfamiliar way may actually benefit you and your organization.

Downsizing, re-alignment of personal or company goals, changing locations, upsizing, going in-house, going out on your own, trying something new. As soon as you gain an understanding of the what-for, how you handle it moves to a whole other level. It is good to remind myself of this often. The what-for usually supersedes the what-I-think-I-need. And usually what I need is to just adjust.

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This is where I come in, instead of adjusting, take a moment, relax, have a glass of wine or two, get some rest, lol ( I know your brain doesn't shut down long enough for that, that's where the second or third glass comes in handy) now, jump back in!
Letting go of old habits is the really hard thing. I think you described it well in the last post by talking of the putting down the blankey moment. The unknown is quite scary and the what if takes over. Best method for me is to identify and write down why you are changing things. If you can't do this, it might be that you are changing for changes sake. If you can see the real reason, push on with it, and when the inevitable difficulties or doubts come along go back to your original written statement. Sometimes you need a reminder of why the pain is worthwhile.
Be ambassadors of change,

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