Question: Does anyone notice when speaking to some unemployed candidates that they seem more interested in documenting they are working with a recruiter to continue receiving their benefits than landing a job???


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no, but i sense a tone of disbelief and maybe even frustration. it's not funny because this is our job, but it reminds me of something funny; a Seinfeld episode where George asks a woman for her boyfriend's number because she thinks George resembles him. chasing after something of less value when what you're after is staring at you in the face. it's possible some might like the idea of being on governemtn dole a lot more than we'd think.
This happens to me all the time! When I invite someone for an interview they typically say "can you send me an email with the information" and then not show up. SO, I tell them to look at our website for the address and refuse to give them any documentation. It's ridiculous!
I have just been noticing this recently. It seems very odd to me that people would prefer unemployment. It hurts my wallet to spend tax dollars on lazy people.

Ambrish: I am getting less and less disbelief from candidates as the job market seems to be picking up, but I had some experiences with candidates so desperate it hurt. Whenever I ask for someone's salary expectations it still starts out with "well, considering the current state of the economy..."

Tina: Good idea, I think I am too nice. It IS ridiculous.
This is interesting...i have never actually had this happen to me even though since November of 2008 I have been interviewing a large amount of people who are currently unemployed and receiving EI. In my experience, when I have asked individuals when they would like to interview they are hoping I can meet with them that day.

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