Dear Claudia,

If a candidate and a hiring manager were duking it out in a boxing ring, and the match was tied in the final round, and you had to decide the winner, who would you choose?

Relish the Thought

Dear Relish,

Oh the visual – I shudder at the things recruiters come up with when they have nothing better to do.

The topic of keeping a hiring manager in line came up once before here, but this is a speedo of a different color. Truth? No contest: the hiring manager wins, because business drives the hire. No matter how amazing candidates are, they are never the real reason why companies hire and promote; BUSINESS is the reason. Market dominance, increased revenue, greater operating efficiencies, higher profit margins, more return to the shareholders – these are the reasons why companies collectively spend billions each year competing for the best talent they can find.

So the next time you find yourself stuck between a candidate and a hiring manager? Duck, and put your money on the hiring manager. Oh, and be thankful you don't have to wear those tiny little speedo underpants.


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There is never really a tie score, there is never a hung jury in our business. The burden of proof is on the candidate and the attorney, us the recruiter and we need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the candidate is right for them. In the event of any doubt the candidate doesn't get hired. Tie goes to the client.
Well said, and have a great holiday!

David Jacks said:
In the event of any doubt the candidate doesn't get hired. Tie goes to the client.

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