What is the best place to look for candiates with Security Clearance.

I am working on a job order and I finding people with the right skills and experience but not enough security clearance. Is there anyplace to got to look for people with high security clearance?

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Well, the best place(s) to look for candidates with Security Clearances is to go to employers who require high security clearances in new hires because the projects they're working on are classified.  In that venue there are hundreds of Prime Contractors and thousands of Sub-Contractors working on government programs, particularly in the defense industry.

I'm guessing you already know this--so what you're really asking is:  "How do I/we attract some really hard-to-attract candidates who are always in high demand, gainfully employed and have little interest in relocating at this time?"

Answer:  You must be and have something "better" to offer than what they already enjoy in their current job and place of work.  If you do, ADVERTISE IT and be reachable.  Put your mug, email and direct phone number in the AD.

If you cannot define how you (your client) are better in some way...you will hear crickets and few of true value will come a knocking.  So find your strengths, advantages, PLUS FACTORS and CROW about them--Do ADVERTISE IT and be reachable.  Put your mug, email and direct phone number in the AD.  If you cannot think of any advantages--hire an award winning Recruitment Ad Agency (I know a few).  They will help "sell" you to your target audience.

Next, you'll have to chase down places (DOD) where contract(s) statuses are posted.

Next, look for contracts that are near completion--those will have a number of employees looking for new projects/contracts because employers can't keep everybody.

Next, go to places where these working professionals congregate for business, technology and social matters (e.g., Technical Conferences where Technical Papers are read, Awards banquets, etc.).

Next, you're on your own.  So ramp-up your drum beat and bait your line with PLUS FACTORS and ADVERTISE them to catch the ear and eye of some viable candidates who are actually looking for a change in the New Year.

Good Luck ‘cause that factors in as well.

OR you could just search on Linkedin for SC cleared candidates or failing that have a look on dedicated SC cleared job boards..


I currently work for a Government subcontractor and we only hire people with TS/SCI with Full Scope Polys. The best place to look is on ClearanceJobs.com or ClearedJobs.net.The only problem I run into is that many people have the wrong clearance listed (NSA Full Scope Polygraph and CIA Full Scope Polygraph are not the same thing). The only real way to check this is to have someone (in my case it is our CSSO or FSO) check their clearance through JPAS or Scattered Castles, which you need a clearance to access.

A word to the wise, if you do post a job (as I do frequently) you will get many responses from people who WANT that clearance or claim to be "eligible" for it, but do not currently hold it.

Another side note, these people do not need you. They are hard sells because they WILL get a job simply based on their clearance. They are always in high demand, so you have to come at them, guns blazing, with a good company with good benefits and a position that they actually want. Valentino is right, these contracts end, funding gets cut, people get nervous and they start looking. That is a good place to look, but it is hard to know that much information about the contracts if you are not fully immersed in this world. Many people get frustrated with their current company (usually because of their benefits) and those people will typically start looking around as well.

I hope this helps and happy hunting! :)

Hi Matthew,

That is a great question,  not knowing more i will just give you what I know from my current work on the Government Contracting side. The issues are multiple. Different clearances exist, what is the type of clearance? Plus just because someone has a "clearance" does not mean that they can actively start on a contract. For example, I have a Secrurity Clearance with DOS ( Department of State), but if I want to take a job on a different contract, I then need to get "revalidated" with DOS because my clearance is only good for x contract.

When we recruit for our postions, we just put it out there and then process candidates to receive their DOS clearance. Give me a call if you want and maybe I can help out or explain more. 603 772-1700.


Good luck!!!


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