What's your favorite question to ask candidates when you interview them?

I'm creating a training presentation for the recruiters in my office regarding face to face interviews with candidates and how to effectively gather the information you need as well as ally the candidate with you.  I have the standard "What are you looking for in your next position" and "Is there anything at all that would keep you from accepting a position if it meets your criteria?" as well as general interview questions.  My question to you all is, what is your favorite question(s) to ask when you're interviewing a candidate.  I don't pretend to know it all and would appreciate any feedback you guys can give me.

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I usually try to get a feel for their current job satisfaction by asking them to describe an average work week. This also lets me find out additional information about their job skills, the type of environment they are in, and often some of what they really like or don't like about their current job. If I am talking to a candidate that would have to relocate, I ask them about different areas they have lived, past moving experiences, etc.

I don't have any off-the-wall questions (at least I don't think so!) because I haven't found them to be of much use in any interviewing situations I've been in as a recruiter, a former hiring manager, or as a candidate.

Thanks for the feedback Amber.  I agree with your thoughts on off-the-wall questions, all they seem to do is make the candidate uncomfortable.


What is the biggest misconception your co-workers have about you?


My thoughts around it: {Behavioural Interview Q&A}


Awesome question, thanks Amos!

A question that I always use; Have you any experience of Headhunters or Recruiters in the past, good or bad?

This gives you the chance to explain who you are, how you operate and to deal with any preconceived ideas or bad experiences, the candidate may have faced before. It's a good trust tool.

This is my Favorite question, i usually ask this at the end of the interview session ;

Should we secure a job offering for you, and because of that, your company is offering you a good counter offer package. Where will be your standing at ?

Because its pointless to process a candidates if they cant committed with the process, it will completely a time waster.

The question I always ask somewhere between the middle and end of the interview is posed in two different ways "if your manager could change one thing about you, what would they change?" and the follow up "if you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?". Keep in mind the questions are asked in the context of the interview so I'm neither looking for nor do I typically receive comments of a non work related nature.

The questions give me good feedback on 1) what is it that this person's current manager feels they could improve or do better and 2) how self aware is the candidate.  Additionally, since I'm forming a view during the interview the questions either reinforce that view, or drive me to a new line of qustioning (assuming they refute the view I was forming).

The most helpful question I've asked is also one of the simplest, "what are your favorite aspects of your current job and what are your least?"followed by "what is most important to you in your next position?"


This allows you to present them with a job that they will be excited about, and will really move for, vs. taking a counter-offer....which you can generally count on if money is the most important reason for looking.

Bill - Love the questions.

My favourite question at the end of the interview or in the middle, when you have built a good and relax atmosphere is:


" Is there any question that I haven´t asked you and you would liked to be asked about it"


It helps the candidate to talk about things that he prepared for the interview, and for differents subjects

One that I use often not yet mention is - Is there anyone else in your decision process that I need to be aware of?


Most of my placements call for relocation so if I don;t have significant other on board it could be a lot of work for nothing.

I love to start off with.  Why would you leave your current employer to  work for my client.   Start the closing process from the first question ...

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