In February, I embarked on a journey that has since become a way of life. I have had the delicious opportunity to write a Bonus Track post every day since February 17, 2009. Today marks the 193rd column. I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity and value the chance to share, not only my thoughts, but to receive your feedback and bask in this thing that has become such an important part of my life.

Bonus Track was initially conceived as an opportunity to share more than the latest trend or statistics. It was established as a way to discuss aspects of recruitment that get passed over or that we, as recruiters, sometimes brush under the rug. The "business" of recruiting. The "business" of selling to a client or hiring manager. The "business" of managing your department or company. The "business" of running a business.

These things are important and while they don't rank as high as "What is the best ATS?" or "How to recruit using Twitter?" they are matters of motivation and self-reliance. Bonus Track is an opportunity for me to highlight different individuals and different instances in our industry that change how we do things, that alter our perceptions, that help us to find the better way.

In the fact that I am consistently trying to find that better way, Bonus Track has evolved somewhat over the last several months. It has found a place on the community page and while the link to the daily post has been consistent, we feel that now is the time to refer back to the entire body of work that has been produced. So, from this time forward, when you click on the red Bonus Track icon, you will be taken to the complete Bonus Track catalog.

To see the most recent addition, just click on newest discussion, to see the most recent replies - click on latest activity. The times they are a-changin' - and change is a good thing. The latest Bonus Track will usually be still listed under forum, unless a flurry of more important activity pushes it off the page... If that is the case, then there are, obviously, more important things to discuss. Writing Bonus Track will continue to be my guilty pleasure. Thanks for following along!

by rayannethorn

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Wow Rayanne, 193 is an incredible number and a real achievement... and always a good read. Well done and thank you for the music!
Excellent, first, I thought: "aww crap, she's leaving"..

glad that's not the case.

Rayanne, I want to comment on the dedication and hard work I know you put into Bonus Track. For anyone out there who thinks it's easy to get up each and every working day and think about a subject to write about much less be able to encapsulate that subject in words is an extraordinary feat. Once someone likened the activity to me as tending a garden. Rayanne gets up every day, rain or shine, puts on the needed garb and gathers her tools and ventures out, digging there and pulling here, planting this and weeding that, hoeing and watering and fertilizing and harvesting. This catalog that she's accumulated can be viewed as a catalog of seeds that every one of us can peruse for the germs of thought we need in our professional pursuits.
Thanks Rayanne.

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