I'm new at this, it's my first few weeks as a recruiter and I've gotten a few job orders however now it's time to fill them, so...where do I find the candidates with the specific experience needed by the employers?

I know there's a lot of resources, such as sourcing, job boards, etc. so out of all the many available options where are YOU finding the majority of your candidates?



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I think if we had a specific answer to that question we would all be filthy rich ;) In order to find the best candidates for your job, you have to know your audience. LinkedIn is a great tool for getting involved in the industry you recruit for and finding people to network with. Building relationships with successful people in the industry can not only get you referrals but give you a good reputation as well. This however takes time, but is well worth it.

That said, I don't have one particular place that I find the most candidates. It all depends on the position I am working on.

Your client's competitor.  It's your job to influence them out.  :)


***waiting for the cries of POACHING!!! to begin...***

No poaching cries from me- exactly what one NEEDS to do.....


Where to find quality candidates is driven by the job spec., level/pay range and discipline.  If relocation is allowed it expands your geography for search

You study the job description and clarify its content with the hiring manager--so you're clear on what is required (in writing and what is verbalized).  You then start building a target list of places to start looking for viable candidates.

Amy is correct about going to the competition--but start by asking your hiring manager to prioritize a list of competitors you should pursue/or should not pursue.  I mention this because sometimes companies have joint ventures, or existing legal issues with a competitor that makes them "untouchables" so be careful (when I was recruiting for Purina we could not pursue two obvious targets for those reasons).   

If you don't have an operative Employee Referral Program (ERP) depending on the job/pay level and discipline--ask permission from your hiring manager to interview valued employees who are either in a similar position you're working to fill, or were promoted out of such positions.  They can be a gold mine of information on where to look and even whom to look for.  Getting introduced to them by the hiring manager is a plus--it sends a message that he wants to include them in a team recruitment effort. This intro will aid in befriending them.  Give them a job description and your contact info.  Pick their brain on their backgrounds e.g., past employers; professional and technical organizations they may belong to (where membership directories can be accessed).

Post your opening in all the standard places and use your imagination to think-up additional places.  I can say more, but I have to assume your making some headway having done some of this homework already.

Good luck to you as you build your network (as Holand recommended) for this and future searches.

Hope this helps.


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