Which of the following is the most effective recruitment method in your opinion?

Which of the following is the most effective recruitment method in your opinion?

  • Newspaper job ads
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Online Jobsites
  • College alumni clubs
  • Word of mouth
  • Corporate website job ads
  • Traditional Job Fairs
  • Online Job Fairs
  • Social Networks

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It can be anything from online to offline, depends on ease of recruiter, but a resume analytic solution such as resume parsing software can help you to extract data from resumes and segregate into appropriate fields. It helps to reduce manual work and automates your hiring process.  

As I can see the methods which you have listed, all of these methods do work for the recruitment but amongst them which one is the most effective, this answer will throw some light on the method. 

Recruitment agencies are the most effective method for the hiring process. And you might be thinking why? I will give you 4 reasons why recruitment agencies work:

  • They save time: Hiring a recruitment agency will save you months of time, just think about the time it takes to screen out the resumes, contact the selected candidates and decide on the talent to bring for the face to face interview. It gets difficult for a normal hiring manager to take care of the whole process. And when you outsource the hiring process then you don’t have to spend your time looking at resumes and taking interviews. Now, as a hiring manager, you can spend your time on other human capital activities. 


  • You will be able to find excellent talent: A recruiting agency is more capable of finding top talent for your company. This top talent is not present on the common job boards but these can be passive candidates which are present in the market and you need the best tools to search them. And when you hire a recruitment agency, you will have access to the whole the market of the hidden talent and that too in every field. 


  • Recruitment companies offer flexible solutions: Recruitment agencies offer flexible solutions which will be based on your company’s requirements. Like for example, you need talent for remote hiring then a recruitment agency can offer a temporary solution. Another example is if you want to hire an employee quickly, so the recruitment agencies will offer a permanent solution. 


  • They focus on serving the client: A recruitment agency take the full responsibility of serving the clients and they also make sure that the hiring is done according to the client only. 

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