I have been doing some resume aggregator shopping lately and was looking at several products. I've found a lot of information on the forums helpful in helping to whittle down my choices, but I came across some information that kinda surprised me and I'm wondering if I'm hearing this correctly.

I've had one of my sourcers look at the TalentDrive product and I have one major concern. I heard that John Chuang (who also owns a staffing firm) is on the board of directors and part owner of the company. I'm all for diversifying business, but doesn't that give them a bit of an unfair advantage? If I'm trying to maintain my competitive edge, I'm not sure I want to give a competitor access to my clients and my data while I'm using their product to run my searches.

Has anyone else heard this???

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I am the Vice President of Partnerships at TalentDrive and I promise you that all of our clients data is distinct, separate, confidential and secure. It would be a serious breach of our clients Agreements to share candidate data (resumes). We are very proud to have John Chuang on our board and as an investor. He has a non-controlling interest and is not a majority shareholder.

I am surprised that you would make a public statement without having the facts. Please call me if you would like to discuss further 312.676.2181.

Rob Bialk
Not sure about the ownership but that would be cheezy/lame if true.

This is what I have heard about TalentDrive. The searches take up to 2 to 3 hours to complete. If you have multiple searches on one job position, it can take a day to get results. Plus when you select a resume it can takes over a minute for the resume to open which seems like an enternity. My info is second hand through a trusted colleague so take it for what it is worth.

Our firm decided several years back that high quality info was needed quickly and settled on Talenthook. It's one on the few products that I can honestly say it makes us a lot of money. In fact, the way I feel today about it -- we couldn't live without out.

+ Perry S
Very often owners of agencies get into providing services to the industry. I don't think that they would jeopardize their offerings with back door type tactics. I do have concerns about firms who do not proudly display their management team, board members, etc... If I can't figure out who runs the show from the website I often find myself feeling like somebody is trying to hide something. Talentdrive does have 3 executives listed their site and 8 advisory board members so it looks like you should have no worries.

As you are in a shopping spree for some resume aggregator I would advise you to check on PureSearch a powerful sourcing tool and very cost effective.

Please visit: http://www.techjoblinks.com/clone3/

Chris L.
Perry Simmons... I typically don't like to respond to "dirt" in a public forum. Perry I googled you and found a DJ, football player and reverend. You also were not found on LinkedIn. Are you really a recruiter? Assuming you are please call TalentDrive and we can demo our SaaS tool that delivers high quality resumes with dual matching.

Better to see firsthand rather than getting second hand information.

I am on LinkedIn and you can find me via Google!

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