For me I found out early on in a stint in an agency that I could match great talent with companies. Although I strayed here and there in my career, IT and general consulting, it's been recruiting that gets my blood pumping. Later on in my career I also found out I could develop some really innovative recruitment strategies.



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I'm not gonna lie... I was good at it and figured out how to make a lot of money for not really working all that hard and without finishing my degree. :)
This may be the most odd thing you will ever read:  I like to help companies find what they need to be successful.  The most frustrating thing for me is to go places like to the mall, bank, movies, etc and deal with "customer service agents" that are definitely not the right fit for the position.  One time, I actually asked the teller if she really liked her job cause she was being very short with me.  (I'm a bold, in-your-face kind of person!)  There was no way she, nor the branch she works at, could be successful with employees that do not want to be there.  That is when my love for recruiting began and it has been a great marriage!
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Amy Ala said:
I'm not gonna lie... I was good at it and figured out how to make a lot of money for not really working all that hard and without finishing my degree. :)

for the chicks.

seriously, i was working 70+ hrs a week as a district manager in retail.  for all the hard work i put in as a recruiter, it still feels like a vacation compared to that.  

It was a choice or being a shrink or a recruiter.  I opted for being a recruiter.  I get to work with even a larger number of crazy people with problems and none of them have committed suicide on the way out of my office, if they take drugs they don't get them from me, if they show up drunk i can throw them out, i can't and don't ask them who they sleep with or if they have one leg shorter than the other or if their mother potty trained them too early.  I don't care how they feel about their mommy and daddy or siblings.   My fees are higher than most shrinks, i don't have to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night and most importantly.  It's inside and i can sit down. and most of all i don't have to worry about Obamacare paying or rejecting my fees.


It was kind of a no brainer and didn't require all those years in college.

I 'fell' into recruitment like almost everyone else....... I mean how many people do you know that go to school and say 'I want to be a recruiter when I grow up'...

I started a little over 2 years ago, when the company I worked for shut all the U.S. offices.  I looked at my past years in sales, working for various types of companies, and decided to join my husband full time in recruiting. Lots of rough patches adjusting to a new career, no longer on the road 75% of the time, and living AND working together 24/7.

But, I LOVE it! I get to read about people's lives, talk to some of them about what they've done, places they've lived, and what their next steps might be. I get to work with some really fantastic clients, and some other recruiters. The money is great, and I think I have adjusted to the self-employed thing now.

It was a pure "by chance" scenario for me. I was a sales guy, selling golf equipments... Lost my job & was looking for a change... as the golf industry is relatively smaller in India. An old friend offered me a job as a recruiter, i only took it as a stop-gap arrangement but since i went deep into recruiting... loved it so much... never looked back.
MatchMaker (Making a Difference In Lives of Others/Service) + Benjamin'$

The opportunity presented itself and WAA LAA,

Prest-O chang-O,

I was a recruiter...

Am a recruiter...

And never looked back because looking back as you move forward only works in B movies, or if you're Vin Diesel who can drive as fast going backwards as he can going forward (see Fast & Furious Trialer ( figure.


as most of us have mentioned, I don't know if anyone became a recruiter on purpose... I was working in advertising when one of my newspaper reps said "hey you'd be a great recruiter!" I said "what's that?"
I wanted to know why my Recruiter was making more money than I was ... But that was back in 96.

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