You could have chosen any profession. Why recruiting? If you have been in it a while, what is the most satisfying part of your job?

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So, this is a question that is asked and not really answered. I think most can say that growing up no one said "I want to be a recruiter" when I grow up. Having been in sales and having friends in IT people told me that I would be good at this. I was trust worthy, I listened, and I did not BS them. So years later here I am. I think the best part of recruiting for me is meeting the people and getting them to a better place in life financially, off unemployment, better role, helping create something, transitioning from the military, etc. I have always said you need to want to come in and do what you do or just do something else. There is a science to this a need of inane ability to talk and listen to people and that is something I enjoy.

I fell into recruiting back in 1998 when I answered an ad for relationship building/selling.  I had been an account manager and really liked cold calling and building relationships with people.  Needless to say that when I interviewed, I realized it was a perfect fit for me.  Overtime, I can build relationships with people as I pipeline for future opportunities. I enjoy building trust and watching people open up to me.  I'm often disappointed in the lack of respect some candidates show recruiters, but overall it is fun and exciting when you find someone a job they are happy with.  Plus, it helps that you get rewarded for it! $$$

It's inside and you get to sit down.:)

Began in 2009, after the company I worked for shut down all U.S. offices. My husband had been in recruiting for almost 20 years, so I started working with him. So far, I really enjoy learning about different industries, talking with candidates and clients. Being self employed (and living/working together 24/7) was a big adjustment for me but have grown to appreciate it immensely.

In addition to this? I'm really good at it. :) I don't mean to sound arrogant, there are plenty of jobs I would be TERRIBLE at, but I just sort of gravitated towards matching people. I guess I'd be a professional matchmaker or something if not recruiting. I just have a knack for uncovering real motives on both sides and bringing people together. I can't really explain it, I just DO it.
Sandra McCartt said:

It's inside and you get to sit down.:)

I started in recruiting in 1995 because a fraternity brother told me about this company called Aerotek where there were a lot of cool people working.  When I went to training in Baltimore, I had no idea what my actual job woud entail.  It just seemed like a fun place to work. 18 years later, and a permanen move to the corporate side, I have made it my profession.  Why do I stay in it?  I guess my answer is the same as Amy's.  I am good at it, and there are a lot of professions that I would not be successful.  I personally enjoy finding people their dream job.  And yes, Sandra- it is a desk job where I can sit down!  The thought of canvasing an area for businesses to sell to just makes me sick.

Honestly I got into it for the potential $ after coming out of retail and not making squat. But I stayed for 44 yrs now because of the positive impact I can have on peoples lives. Also helping a client grow their company and solving a problem for them is gratifying too.

Steve, I agree with you. Building a company from the ground floor can be very satisfying!

I got into it to get out of a glorified accountant job in state government and I figured it would be a great way to get myself on an HR track (my passion).  Stuck with the agency for a bit until I moved corporate side to really focus on recruiting and not selling my company's business and then also continue to pursue my HR passion.

Recruiting overall, is the fastest pace part of HR, in my opinion.  You are in such a visible place in the organization and touch so many aspects.  Blessing and a curse.  The best part of my job currently is seeing the look on my recruiters' faces when they fight so long and hard to place a candidate; and they succeed.  Such a thankless job....but so rewarding at times.

Seth. You reminded me of the other reason I do it. It is very gratifying to see one of my recruiters succeed. I have one who didn't the best of years in her 1st last year. I n her 2nd yr she billed $450k and made around $150K. That's rewarding.

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