I sat in traffic, drumming my fingers on the steering wheel, practicing an incredible amount of patience. I have learned, over the years, to value my time on the road - my quiet time. It isn't always quiet, sometimes my radio is blaring and I am singing along.  More often though, I am on the phone. I try to catch up with business calls or touching base with friends or my mom. I am not one of those that can sit idly or yell and scream at other drivers - though I see and, sometimes, hear plenty of that.

This particular commute seemed to be going at a snail's pace, about 3 miles per hour. As I slumped into my seat and looked through my CD case, something strange was happening outside. It was just starting to pass from dusk to night when I caught a glimpse of something unusual. A bubble floated down the front of my car. That's what I said, a bubble. As soon as the first disappeared down the front of the car, several more appeared and then all of a sudden the air seemed to be filled with bubbles. I looked in my rear view mirror and failed to see the source. I looked to my left - nothing - and then I looked to my right and my eyes met the driver of my neighboring vehicle. We both smiled, shrugged and continued to look around.

After several seconds and a lot of neck twisting, I spotted where the bubbles were coming from. In my blind spot, about three cars back on my right, I saw what looked like a plastic gun sticking out of the backseat window of an SUV. Bubbles galore were being shot out of the "gun" and filling the air. I couldn't help but forget about the miserable traffic I was facing and just smile, smile, smile. When traffic began to pick up the SUV eventually passed me and I saw, what appeared to be, a fresh-faced twelve-year old gleefully pumping bubbles from her back seat perch. She waved and continued on her quest.

She had succeeded in causing spontaneous happiness along her way. I cannot imagine that her intent was too far off from that. Not one to reside in misery for long, I was very appreciative of the respite and I believe it carried me through the rest of my commute and well into my evening. There will not always be bubbles to lighten your way nor will there be a quirky kid to think of an ingenious way to change the attitude of dozens of drones caught in the same plight.

It's Friday. Shower your co-workers, employees, employer, candidates, clients, and/or hiring managers with bubbles. The worth of a smile: the interest alone creates the ROI you not only need but deserve. It's an investment you can afford.

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Im following your bubble, and keeping an eye out for the guy with a pin waiting to burst it. This story reminds me me of something I learnt a while ago about managing stress. You have to not stress about the traffic jam moments in your life. That is the things that you can't effect.
However mad you get at the traffic, however steamed up you become at the delay, you can't change it. Better to accept the delay, get on with it, and use the bonus thinking time. Worry only about what you can effect and change, no point stressing on what you can't do anything about.
Be ambassadors of change

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