I'm not the authority... I'm seriously asking what does it mean to YOU. I have an opinion.. but, I am requesting feedback from any and all as to YOUR definition of the Cloud and how it relates to the recruiting industry.

Remember, it does not matter if our answers are wrong. It is all in pursuit of clarity. To me.. it's sort of like trying to define "Web 2.0". But, should be great to hear what everyone "thinks" it is today.

So.... what does it mean to you?

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Jim, I'm not an authority either but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

I don't think any of us need to redefine what the "Cloud" is or what it represents. I think that's pretty much agreed. There's a good definition on the Cloud Recruiting site, or you prefer, try Wikipedia.

As to what it means to recruiters and our industry I think that is going to be defined not by the technologies and apps that take advantage of "the grid" but the way we choose to apply them.

Last week Michael presented two fantastic sessions on Cloud Recruiting for BROWN BAG RECRUITER. They were full of amazing tools, recruiting tips and field-tested applications. In addition to the "showcase" Michael shared some of the theory and practice behind being a SMART Recruiter -- Synchronized, Mobile, Appropriately equipped, RSS enabled and Tuned in.

The events were paid for and access to the recordings is money-up-front too. That said, we'll let Chris Hoyt and Michael Marlatt pick the best three answers to your question and give the winners the whole package as a prize. What do you think? We can announce the winners next week.

Anyway, in the pursuit of clarity...

Wow... HIE is getting some great free press! That was funny! as are these.

Given the definitions presented by the Cloud Recruiting site and Wikipedia, "Cloud" is a metaphor for the internet. Therefore, Cloud Recruiting = Internet Recruiting. So.. are we not merely giving the conversation about using the internet, web based tools and social media for recruiting a new name? (Then again.. I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.) **Laughing as I typed that.** Personally, I'm a huge fan of the Internet, Web-based tools and the paradigm of Internet Recruiting.

I'm hoping to stir up feedback from those who are just beginning to adopt this paradigm as well as those for who Cloud Recruiting / Internet Recruiting is already reality. Maybe we'll even here from those who believe pen, paper and phone are the "only" reality.

Ami... if you want to put out a contest... go for it. Sounds like fun.

If you drift by and read this.. please do post YOUR answer. Or even a question to help you get YOUR answer. That would be great. See you around. - Jim
Actually, Jim, the contest was to benefit you. Do with it as you see fit.
Thanks... I appreciate the thought. If Chris and Michael want to "judge" it... then, anyone who reads this.. feel free to participate. Ami has put up the prize. The goal being to stimulate the discussion. Any takers? Simply enter your personal definition of "Cloud Recruiting". Thanks for your generosity, Ami!

Amitai Givertz said:
Actually, Jim, the contest was to benefit you. Do with it as you see fit.
Watch these minds try to describe Cloud Computing. Pretty interesting when you consider the source.

Phew... I feel better now. After watching the video's and reading the growing amount of content being written abt Da Cloud, I may finally have a grasp of the concept... it's a ......... umm, well you could describe it as a ............. well it's sorta like, you know.. errrrrrrrrr...

As a non techo in a techo world (and company that I work for), the concepts of "Cloud Computing/Recruiting" seems to be a name given to the occurance to what I really expect to happen anyways. I expect to hit the buttons on my computer and for things to happen, hopefully in the speed and order that I have asked for it. I understand the whole idea of the Internet being the cloud, which help seperate us all from the outside technical stuff that happens, that's the world I live in anyways. Is it just a new buzz word, which will allow some keen minds, great speakers and even better evangelists to talk, and write about the use and wonders of such a NEW and amazing development.

From a Recruiting point of view.. ie Recruiting on a Cloud or even in one (is there a difference), I feel that is what we are all doing with Web2.0 our ATS, CRM and iphones etc. The expectation to have the information at our fingertips, no matter where we are.

Am I way off the point or close?????
Hey Gents,

Just to be a smart ar$# did I win? :)
Funny... but, the whole conversation seemed to drop off. I know I didn't win. :-)
I think the easiest way to hit the definition of the cloud is to simply think of all the recruiting tools you use that reside on the web - rather than your desktop. What contact managers, newsreaders, applicant systems, etc. do you remain engaged with to help make your recruiting efforts more streamlined or efficient?

Of course once we wrap our brains around the fact that much of what we're already doing rests "in the cloud" we are able to begin aiming towards the most effective use of each channel - which will be a bit different for each of us.

The idea behind the Cloud Recruiting group is to share those ideas - those out of the box solutions - that each of us find. I use a News Aggregator to manipulate RSS feeds for some of my recruitment. My friend Michael uses web to SMS tools to reach out to some of his candidates. David might prefer social bookmarks by Diigo over others...

The real win is when we use our critical thinking and problem solving skill sets to really take advantage of those tools or applications - and share them - collaborate, discuss, and expand on each others ideas.
Count me in RecruiterGuy... that makes good sense to me.
Hey Jim,

Good question. You know I'm going to have a different take on cloud recruiting, but to me it's about finding technical people who understand it. Of course it's not easy to understand what cloud computing is if you've read much about it lately. Seems the marketing gurus have twisted it a bit to mean "anything on the web" but that neglects those things about cloud computing that are new and special to the industry.

Cloud computing is about building systems in the cloud. There are lots of systems on the web now that aren't cloud computing, hotmail, gmail, salesforce, even hotjobs... these sites don't fit the technical definition of cloud computing, but they are computing in the cloud -- so to speak -- and the marketing people think those are cloud computing, but they aren't. Cloud computing is about scalability and end user enablement. It's about automatically scaling sites to support new users instantly. It's about servers never crashing under load again. It's about not having to think about servers at all! You build your sites on the web, you use them on the web, you customize them on the web and you never download anything. It's so exciting, I can barely contain myself!

So what I think about cloud recruiting? I think of it as building a system, on qrimp of course that will help me find, manage, and track recruiting opportunities. We are a special business and it takes a really in depth technical savvy to be productive in this space.

What would I do? I'd build a recruiting site. I'd put up tests so I can see how much applicants know about the companies, industries, and details of the job they are applying for. I'd quickly create a new test for every job post. If they pass the test, they can submit their resume. If they don't, we'll give them a special message that they don't qualify for this particular job, but based on their answers, I'd find some other positions they would be qualified for.

I could save these questions and when a new opening comes up and I need to find someone, I'll just quickly add the relevant questions. If you are looking for a nurse, what does a nurse need to know? Which certifications do they need?

If applicants answer specific questions, it will help me find them better later and communicate with them. Job applicants can sign up for notifications for new job posts that might suit them.

Of course, you could sign up for some existing system in the cloud and pay the fees or you could tailor a system specifically for YOUR type of recruiting. That's the power of cloud computing and that, to me, would be my definition of cloud recruiting.

Glad to find you again Jim. Hope things are well.


Founder, CTO Qrimp.com
Randall is in the house! Randall, from the moment I saw "Cloud" bouncing around this site.. I knew you would surface. So glad you did. There are a ton of folks here who can benefit from your product and your intense knowledge with respect to the "cloud".

P.S. ... I've moved my project along a bit and would like to rekindle talks with you. I'll get with you privately.

To my fellow RBC members... check out Randall's product. It is not Recruiting specific... put the point is... you can create whatever solution you want... in the "Cloud". As you can see, Randall monitors the pulse of the "Cloud".

Disclosure: I am in no way benefiting monetarily by my endorsement of Randall or his product. (thought I might just consider working that out with him another time)



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