10 video Interviewing Options to consider for your recruiting organization from #HRtechconf & #HRevolution

Last year at HR Tech video interviewing was a hot topic. Most of the video interviewing products however were not so hot. This year, my opinion has changed .

I was able to meet with a few vendors and I have to say that I was impressed with the advancements year over year. Though most of my questions have been answered I know that the community here will not be fully convinced that video interviewing (recorded and live) plays a significant role in the advancement of hiring best practices.

Understanding that our community is rather diverse I do expect varying view points how there are a few key questions everyone will want to ask.

If you are a vendor or user and have real numbers to post, please let us know. We'd like to have a debate on the technology and share the outcome with our community.

Here are a few questions we need answered:

  1. What is a legitimate starting point in dollars to buy into this type of engagement. Taking into account there are various forms of usage including full integrations as well as a point of sale plug and play, what can a firm expect to budget?
  2. Is there a precedent for compliance that can be cited for clarification and legal challenges?
  3. How does the internal talent acquisition team of a company position this solution to the business so that the investment proves to be a value add?
  4. What is an expected period of change management during implementation on a full service video interviewing solution?

Are you considering a video interviewing solution in your organization? Below are a few of the video interviewing platforms to consider. Keep in mind that not all vendors offer the same solution and offer a variety of levels at which they can serve you.

Here is a short list of video interviewing platforms represented at HR Tech 2013: (NOT IN ANY SPECIFIC ORDER)

HireVue: click here to learn more

Our Talent Interaction Platform lets people tell their story and demonstrate their talents, enabling high-quality high-touch collaboration and insights - at the speed, quality and consistency of digital. Highly compatable, HireVue augments existing talent management applications, accelerating productivity and decision-making by providing "hi-def" clarity into people’s character, cultural fit, personality, and potential. Turbocharge your recruiting.

WePow: click here to learn more

WePow is a global leader in recruitment communication, offering breadth, depth, and a personal touch to attracting talent. WePow’s scalable and customizable video and mobile recruitment solutions simplify the way talent acquisition goals are achieved.

Our innovative clients are increasing their productivity, improving their efficiency, and significantly reducing their interviewing cost, while improving the quality of their engagement with candidates. At WePow, we translate human interactions into amazing experiences!

Reimagine recruitment and learn more about WePow’s recruitment, branding, and mobile talent acquisition solutions. www.wepow.com

Interviewstream: click here to learn more

From the Interviewstream website: The bottom line? There is no competing provider that can match the flexibility, simplicity, and level of scalability that our system can offer. In addition, since InterviewStream is the only provider to cover the entire interview cycle - from practice to employment - we have developed a knowledgeable user base on college campuses, during outplacement training, from local workforce centers - who are familiar with our tool that is being used by our Enterprise clients. 24/7 Customer Support Available

Jobvite: click here to learn more

From a single login recruiters will be able to invite, interview, screen, schedule, track and hire effortlessly from their desks. These capabilities will not only accelerate candidate screening, but also reduce remote hiring costs and facilitate panel feedback early in the hiring process leading to better candidate matches. The time saved and the feedback enabled will allow recruiters to understand their talent funnels and level of engagement better.

Unlike other video platforms, Jobvite Video is natively built to work seamlessly across the entire hiring process.

Take The Interview: click here to learn more

Learn about the compliance questions on the TTI blog: click here

Take the Interview is a company that changes the way people hire. Its software enables hiring managers and recruiters to ask candidates their most important questions via asynchronous, or not-live, video interviewing. Through its easy-to-use platform, Take the Interview makes the hiring process more efficient by eliminating the need for time-consuming phone screens.

Rivs: click here to learn more

RIVS was born out of necessity. At their previous startup, our founders constantly struggled with the vast inefficiencies of the hiring process. Their company was growing quickly, and so they needed a lot of great people, but couldn't afford to spend the time reviewing every one of the 1,748,921,303,569 job applications they received every week. 

GreenJobInterview: click here to learn more

Provides cloud-based virtual interviewing solutions that help employers dramatically reduce the time and costs associated with scheduling and conducting interviews.

Per GreenJobInterview:

  • Clients reduced their interviewing costs by roughly $18 million in 2012 alone by using GreenJobInterview’s solutions.
  • More than 20,000 interviews were conducted on the GreenJob LiveTM platform.
  • The Orange County Business Journal named GreenJobInterview® one of Orange County’s “Fastest Growing Companies.”

Sparkhire: click here to learn more

Lower cost monthly subscription model. Eliminate the need for time-consuming phone interviews. Set up one-way video interviews in which your candidates record video responses to your interview questions. Watch and evaluate candidate responses whenever, wherever.

Montage Talent: click here to learn more

Montage Interview expands your recruiting reach by virtually eliminating the need for candidate and interviewers to be in the same location. With just an Internet connection and a webcam, live video interviews can take place between a candidate and one or many hiring decision makers. Anytime. Anywhere. Even from a mobile device or tablet. We have capacity for unlimited interview participants for an unlimited duration.

Ansync Interview: click here to learn more

Very cool new LinkedIn Feature on the Async video interviewing platform: click here to learn more

Quicker response times? Simple setup? Less insecurity? Most candidates would welcome those additions to the recruiting cycle. Give your candidates a simple, solid solution that makes sense in today’s business climate.  Async offers practice interviews and tips throughout the interview process to put your candidates at ease and works with several candidate experience award-winning companies.

In a recent poll of a client’s candidates, 100% of the candidates had never done a video interview before, over 75% of candidates stated they enjoyed the experience.

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Great to be on this list, thank you! It's worth mentioning, for the sake of accuracy, we offer both One-Way (pre-recorded) and Live interviews. You definitely got the lower cost (and flexible) pricing model spot on! We're known for best value with prices starting at $49 a month with unlimited interviews. Check out our website for more info: http://www.sparkhire.com/pricing

Still a strong list!  



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