Hello Midwest Recruiters!
I thought I would introduce this article to the everyone here in the Midwest. *Attachment is PDF at the bottom of this writing* This is a lengthy article so I would suggest reading this on your off time, but if you have not added renewable energy into your portfolio, I think after reading this article you might want to consider it at least as a potential growth area. For the quick spin, look at page 13 and I think you will see why I brought this to attention with the Midwest Recruiters.

Some other research I've done strongly points out that we've also got to figure out a way to distribute the energy from one location to the others that need it. (in the utility industry, this is what we are calling the Transmissions department) As you see on the map, there is some distance where you build the wind turbine and where you send the energy and right now we have to figure out something that will allow it to transfer without losing it's power strength. (Personally I think maybe if they could set up some storage locations and pump the energy in short distances and store then somehow build up it's strength and shoot it out to another station until it reaches the area that needs the energy) Another thought is if we could build some storage device on a truck/train and transport it without losing it's level - maybe sun panels on top of the truck/train to keep the levels up during transportation to the storage location. I've got too many spikes going on in my head right now ;-) Feel free to contact me if you think you want to get serious about this sector of the business. IMO we are going to have to work together to make this a successful venture because I think if the new gov't signs onto this as it looks like they will, this is going to be a big trough everyone is going to line up to feed out of and it will be very competitive to find talent.

*NOTE* I've only researched this about 2 -3 weeks seriously so far and made about 25 calls to potential clients and I should know next week if I get 2 of them signed up to work with me. One COO told me they had already hired 10 people from a firm this year they were working with and they are a smaller player in the market. Now take that figure and x 3-5 decent sized clients and I think you would have a good book of business going for you. You could go the way of Wind/Solar/Water for renewable and there are a huge number of areas to expand your services (Engineering, Transmission, Construction, Proj.Mgmt, Technology, Regulatory, Science and much, much more)

Summary - If you have doubts about this sector of business, turn on your TV or read a newspaper, it's spoken/written of daily - but think about where the energy came from for you to be able to read this ;-) Enjoy

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