The Stimulus Bill explained here.

A study of the recovery plan shows most households will qualify for a tax break. Boost for some could be worth several hundred to several thousand dollars. Roughly 97% of American households could see tax savings as a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, according to a new analysis by a nonpartisan research group. The Tax Policy Center crunched the numbers and concluded that the average savings would be $1,179. But how much a household actually gets depends on income, marital status and whether a filer has children. The savings range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. THAT story here.
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Great link Mo - I hope many here click on the links, look at the MORE>> stuff and start posting their thoughts on how this piece of pork will help the economy. For instance, $162B out of the $787B is for health related items: Medicaid, a system that is broken so badly that even a make-believe CSI episode would not be able to discern the cause of death - is thrown a massive amount of money. Supposedly we're business people here - what happens when you slap a pretty new coat of paint on a house ridden with termites???

The only thing this plan will stimulate is voter behavior in the next election when these over-compensated politicians want to go back to their government jobs for another term. I don't see any of them offer to take their salary in incentive comp form...

But I'm still smiling because I'm a recruiter, I love recruiting, I love helping companies and jobseekers see the lights.

Steve -let's hope some of those dolts turn the lights on.
The most telling piece about the crisis is that politicians created this with their lobbyist induced bill writing - this includes long standing members of congress who have been seen castigating Corp executives. Why aren't these folks being seen on CSPAN nervously sipping water while sweat drips from their brows?

Fair is fair...



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