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4/19/2008 - On my way back from Long Beach to my home, I saw somebody riding a bike which is incredible.

My eyes are not believing what it witnessed.
I went a mile ahead, my heart was pumping like a race car & my neurons are ordering my brain to turn around to take a glimpse of the bike & the person.

I chased him for a mile and pulled over my car. Now i got a clear picture of this Engineering Kid & his bike, I requested him for a picture, he accepted it and he made a round in the middle of the road where the car's were travelling at 40 miles/hour.

I thanked him and he left the place., while I was driving my car back home., I just had a glimpse where this guy is going, and I saw that he parked his bike in a small street., which is a dead end.

I was curious to see how he designed the bike, I drove down to the street., and got to know that he parked his bike for nature's call.

Now I decided to take more pictures of the bike & my interview started with the kid., he said that he was in 11th grade and is very fond of doing things like this at his home in his Garage & Basement. His dad used to be very angry at him.

He said that this bike is a 3 FrameBike and he designed on his own. He did himself the welding of the frames in his Garage.
The bikes(3) he got it from garage sale. He is a enviromental freak and says that nothing should be wasted, everything should be used at its best. He is a 100% pure vegetarian & doesn't eat meat.

I asked won't the cop hold him as it seems to my knowledge as 100% unsafe driving the bike in the street with cars' passing at 40 miles/hr.

He said even the cops also admire hitm & used to take pictures and only one lady cop has drilled him for half an hour & advised him to wear the helmet.

The way how he starts riding the bike is different story, he pushes the bike at a particular speed for a particular distance and he immediately climbs into the first frame(white) with his right leg & puts the other leg on the frame and as we do normal biking he gets into the seat and starts riding., for him the first frame is the land.

After taking the pictures, I thought of trying it once, so i started at the place where is bike is parked, I climbed into the concrete block and got into the bike first time I tried it didn't work, I am not able to balance, somehow I got down., with his help.

The second & last time I tried, it was very difficult, I am not able to drive at all, the bike was making me a round within a metre there is no control and I was about to fall down & fracture my ribs, hand & legs., he saved me like a god. It's amazing that he holded the weight of the bike & me.

I asked him how he balances, he said that he is an expert in UniBike as well as by experience.

On seeing my interest, he said he can design a similar bike like that for me at a cost.

I appreciated & congratulated him for his Engineering Brain & departed with finest reminiscences on the Sunny Saturday evening.

The first sunny day of this year 2008 started with good memories.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures & the story.,

Please leave me a feedback on my page or send me a message., it's appreciated.

Thanks for your time.


(Bike - Back home in my country they call it as cycle/bi-cycle)

(Frame-Bike without the Wheel)

(Garage Sale-People used to sell their unwanted used things in front of the house during summer.)

(UniBike - Bike with one wheel.)

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Comment by Pam Julian on April 25, 2008 at 10:54am
Hi Gopi,
Very interesting. Amazing what we can do if we really put our minds to work!


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