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Sales Recruiting Cold Call: What Are You Getting Out Of It?

To say there is a love hate relationship with cold calling would be an understatement. In any sales career cold calling is the lifeline of your success. You’re job as a salesperson is to get the person on the other end of the phone to say yes so you can complete the sale. In agency recruiting it is no different. You must speak to the hiring manager who will ultimately make…


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Stop Saying "Candidate Control"

I have recruited for some of the top companies in the third party recruiting industry. 

And no matter what company it was, upper management loved their buzzwords – “Forward Thinking”, “Deep Dive”, “Manage Expectations”, “Synergy” – the list goes on and on…

I don’t disagree with all of them that are out there, sometimes you really just can’t find a better phrase to describe your thought process.

However here is one we need to throw away right now:…


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The Truth About Agency Recruiting

The world of contingent, agency recruiting is extremely competitive. The salesperson that visits clients will usually have a nice suit on and promise you the world, but as the saying goes, don’t ask how the sausage is made.

The main thing to understand is that contingent recruiting is a sales game and, as with any sales industry, it is all about earning…


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5 Tips for a Successful Interview

Getting a job in today’s market can be very difficult. As a recruiter people are always coming up to me and telling me their horror stories of how they are out of work, can’t get an interview or aren't being made offers. I sympathize with them because I know how hard it can be. If I post a position I am being flooded with resumes.…


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The Anatomy of the Counter Offer

The subject of the counter offer is a very highly debated topic. If you are in a job search while currently employed and in fact entertain a new offer, it is a safe assumption that your current employer will do what it takes to keep you. And while having two companies fighting over your professional services can feel flattering, it is incumbent on you to fully understand the situation and not just take the highest offer.

This article is not written to persuade…


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Top 4 Aspects of the Hiring Process

In the many buckets that fill up the Human Resources world, it is argued that hiring can be one of the toughest/ most aggravating.

You have to schedule interviews, coordinate the internal interview process, go through the selection process, perform all pre-employment onboarding and offer a position.And even after all that there is never…


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How The Hiring Manager/ Recruiter Relationship Impacts The Recruitment Process

In a previous article, I wrote how it doesn’t take much to call yourself an agency recruiter. Ask anyone within industry experience and they will tell you the same thing: a phone and access to a resume database and you can start selling yourself as an agency recruiter. Unfortunately it takes a lot more than that to be a respected recruiter, however that debate is for another…


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Why The Cover Letter Is Dead

In offering some advice today to a family member who is job hunting, I came to the realization that the cover letter is all but dead. The family member’s query was how to write a compelling/ interesting cover letter because he was looking to find ways to get his resume noticed by the hiring managers.

His inquiry wasn’t a bad one – he wanted his resume to stand out against the rest. It’s no secret that hiring/HR managers see hundreds of resumes per opening and only a small percentage…


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How to Spot a Recruiter worth Working With

There is a large, growing population that views recruiting as a useless profession. They find recruiters to be greedy, selfish and more concerned with their commission than the candidates. Used car salesmen are starting to get a better rep.

As a seasoned recruiter, this quite…


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Having a Recruiter in Your Job Search Isn’t Just Smart, It’s Necessary

Hiring is no longer a run-of-the-mill activity performed by Human Resources. It’s an art form.

For every job advertised, there are hundreds of candidates who are fighting for the same spot. While you may think you are the perfect fit for that position, those other applicants believe…


Added by Chadd Balbi on July 15, 2013 at 8:30am — 13 Comments


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