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News From The UK: Evenbase launched with a global strategy

The founder of UK job board Jobsite, Keith Potts  today announced the launch of new digital recruitment group “Evenbase”.  Potts,  takes the helm as Chief Executive Officer of the new business, which sees new responsibilities for key personnel in the team.

This is a bold but logical move to formally combine the complimenting services offered by the companies in the…


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Sacked for a LinkedIn Profile? Not Quite

Daniel J Smith recently posted "The cost of (Personal) social media accounts", here on RBC. In particular he reported on the tribunal currently being heard in Reading, UK, between John Flexman and his previous employers B.G. Group, a company he was employed by for 8 years.

With respect to Daniel, who I have a lotof time for, I think this post is a little…


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2 Years Of #Tru

It’s been exactly 2 years since the first #truLondon, which took place in Canary Wharfe on the 18′th November 2009.70 people attended the first time, mostly dressed in suits, (me included), crammed in to the top floor of Barclay’s tower. It was only supposed to be one event, and this blog was only supposed to run for three months to promote the event.

On that day, some…


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Global recruiting issues

The #tru carnival is continuing this week, with events in Johannesburg  on the 9′th November and CapeTown on the 11′th. I’m really looking forward to this first venture in to Africa, and to what the local recruiters will have to say about the market. We have close to 150 booked for Jo’burg and 70 for Cape Town, so it is going to be a very busy and interesting 2 days, with mostly third-party and corporate recruiters attending.

Having spoken with a number of the track leaders today…


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There’s not enough talk about #SocialRecruiting. #TruSanFranEdit

I want to start this post by stating that this is not a rant, nor is it a criticism of internet radio show #HRHappyHour or career community Brazen Careerist’s recently announced Social Recruiting bootcamp.It is however, these two events that have triggered my thinking.

I was listening in to Steve Boese’s excellent guests Susan Strayer and Ryan Healey, and…


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Social Recruiting: It's not for recruiters

Another blog from the archives. This post caused lots of reaction when I posted it on my own blog. be interested in your reactions:

Now this might seem a bit controversial, it’s not intended to be. I'm a big advocate for using social in the recruitment process, I'm just not convinced recruiters are best placed to be doing it. I came to this conclusion…


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Referral Recruiting Reviewed


There has been a few posts recently on refferal recruiting, and whether technology and employer branding initiatives will make every employee a recruiter for the company.That's not a view I hold. The best people to recruit are recruiters, Their job is to identify the best candidates for a post, manage the hiring manager and both sides of the process and close all parties…


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How one recruiter sourced 27 I.T. professionals from Twitter

This is an old post from my blog "The Recruiting Unblog.", but as there have been a few posts recently on the topic of Twitter and Recruiters, I thought it was worth sharing. David Palmer asks"Does twitter do anything for recruiters?. This is how one recruiter figured out how to source from Twitter, and got great results. Be glad to hear of other success story's, and no…


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Lazy Recruiters

It has been a week since #truLondon and we covered a lot of content.  Something that stood out for me or made me think, and there was plenty of things that stood out in the memory bank. I’m going to kick off with one I’d love to hear your thoughts:

#truLondon thought 1: Lazy Recruiters

Igotmore annoyed in one…


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Facebook Hiring Part 2: How Hard Rock Firenze Hired 120 people in 4 weeks

Following on from last weeks post, "Send us your resume and we will send you a cow!", there was some concern expressed in some of the comments as to how to manage the volume of response and disapointed candidates. Earlier this year I was involved in supporting a…


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Send us your resume and we will send you a cow!

There’s been lots of talk recently that either rubbishes social games or proposes building a new one for recruiting purposes. Most recently Marriot have released a much applauded game to fit their employer brand. It's been applauded by many, while others have commented "play games, get kids!” untill recently, i would have sat in the neigh sayers, but the number of…


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Linked In Invite Research And Some Other Findings

I first published this post earlier today on my new blog: "Social Job Search."

The blog is primarily aimed at Jobseekers, so whilst I don't usually duplicate posts, I wanted to share my research and get some reactions from recruiters. The results surprised me.

I’ve been reading some well intended posts recently from Linked In experts Neil Schaeffer and Tim…


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The war for other peoples talent

One of my biggest concerns for job seekers around the world is the gap that is opening up between the unemployed and the minimum requirements that surround the jobs that are about. The general global trend seems to be for rising open vacancies, that’s great news. The bad news is that the level of unemployment continues to grow. Not quite at the same rate, but the figures are going up just the same.

What this tells me is that the jobs that are coming…


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Why do you all hate your jobs?

This might be a bit untrendy, and I’m not expecting to get featured anywhere for it, but I’m going to say it anyway. I think most Recruiters and most H.R. professionals do a pretty good job. I also think that most care about their candidates and clients and add plenty of value to the recruitment process.…


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Method in the Madness - How the # takes a life of it's own

Last week I went to a breakfast meeting to see a presenter that I’ve been hoping to meet for some time. The breakfast was organized by Word Of Mouth Uk, (W.O.M.UK.), an organisation you should check out if you are London based. The speakers were Scott Gould and Drew Ellis, the brains behind conference movement…


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My #trulondon - Random thoughts and ramblings

I wanted to wait a few weeks till I wrote my blog on what my takeaways were from #trulondon to let them sink in properly. For me, it was a great event. Logistically, we had a few problems and hands up, we made a few cock ups that we need to get right, mostly around communication and things like coffee and lunches. We have learnt plenty of lessons, and for that side of the event ,I would score 4/10. We went in to the event without a plan B, and when things didn’t quite work out we came a bit…


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Social Learning - The Future Of Training?

I’ve spent quite a lot of time this year looking at social learning. I actually think it has more potential for take-up than social recruiting and could significantly change the way training is delivered and training is received. The potential here is huge, and is the area I want to develop with the…


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Camera, Lights, Action! - Post your New Year Video Message on #HRCarnival

You may well be aware of the HR Carnival either as a contributor or reader. The last edition was published by @MikeVanDervort on his excellent blog Human Racehorses.

I’ve always been a fan of the Vlog. That’s a video blog if you need a translation. I feel this gives you a truer feeling for the person behind the blog and for a blogger it can be a quick… Continue

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There is No Recruiting God

I was a guest on Paul Paris’s ex-recruiter show on Tuesday. During the call I made the statement that there is no recruitment god that brought a flurry of tweets and quite a lot of comment. To clarify for the hard of hearing, I did not say “There is no God!” Please don’t burn my house!

My point is that there is no divine path… Continue

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R.I.P. Recruiters?

This week i’ve been on a talk show that is fast becoming a favourite. H.R.Happyhour which is organised by a host i admire, Steve Boese. The topic of conversation and debate, is HR Dead? I read a number of blogs this week commenting on the death of the job board. Despite the much reported demise they seem to be still around. The latest to join the nearly dead list are recruiters. It seems we are on… Continue

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