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Recruiting Lessons From Mothers

Recruiters aren't born...they're raised. But where do they get their identity? Their work ethic? From management? HAHAHAHA MANAGEMENT HAHAHAHA. No. Recruiters aren't the result of some sort of Jurassic Park-esque experiment splicing together "keyword searching", KPIs and smooth talking. The answer is easy- Recruiters were taught everything they need to be successful…


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Recruiters, Don't Be Bullies

bul·ly1 ˈbo͝olē/ noun a person who uses strength or power to intimidate, typically to force him or her to do what one wants. Candidates, have you experienced a recruiting bully? I've encountered it time and time again over my career, but after coming across 3 instances this week I wanted to discuss it a bit further.

1) Sunday morning I woke up…


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Bad Recruiters Portrayed By TV Dads

In honor of Father's Day, here are a few TV Dads showing off their acting skills by portraying bad recruiters. Curious how a bad recruiter will react to a certain situation? Check out these important life lessons and learn what makes a recruiter a bad recruiter.

When a recruiter tells you they're listening-…

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Mind The (Employment) Gap

Let's say you leave your job without another job lined up. Crazy talk, right? Many recruiters will tell you that it is career suicide. (In fact, if you are one of those recruiters, please make sure to read's important for you to understand that sometimes life happens and not everything happens in perfect scenarios.)

There are several reasons you…


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Recruiting Is The Worst. And The Best.

I am not a recruiting apologist. I feel to best understand recruiting as an industry, one should recognize the glaring problems in the profession. Ignoring these shortcomings benefits no one and further deepens the divide. I also feel that recruiting is, by and far misunderstood, leading to frustration. There are people that hate recruiters and there are recruiters…


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So What SHOULD Candidates Ask On Interviews?

Several years ago, I was having a meeting with a hiring manager at a firm in the city. It was going great...we had really connected, we were telling…


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Are Jobseekers “Annoying” Or “Showing Interest?”

Recently I was interviewed by CNNMoney's Kathryn Vasel for "How to get on a hiring manager's radar without being annoying." She wanted to discuss how candidates can follow up with hiring managers on the status of applications and…


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Cracking The Code - How Recruiters Interpret Your Resume

Candidates spend countless hours worrying about their resumes. Second-guessing, improving and tweaking anything they can to improve their chances and impress recruiters/hiring managers. When recruiters are scanning resumes, they know exactly what they are looking for...and what they *aren't* looking for (see-…


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Let's Make A Connection


Ok, now that I have your attention...

Welcome to Recruiter Connection, where old-fashioned networking meets modern day technology. Where you'll hear all sorts of intimate details.

"Adam, I'm a recruiter. Why don't good candidates come to me? I've done it all....I've set up my…


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Half-Assed Networking

Recently I did a quick bit of research on profile views (The thread can be found here

*NOTE* This research is quite unscientific. Deal with it. It's better than…


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Good Cop/Bad Cop

HI! I'm Adam! I'm a recruiter! Oh, you want your dream job? SUPER! Let me see your resume? OH THIS IS PERFECT! I WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING! What's that? you aren't getting interviews? What would I change if I were you? NOTHING. YOU ARE PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. IT'LL HAPPEN IF YOU REALLLLLLY WANT IT. DON'T WORRY, YOU'LL SEE!! Oh, hold on, my co-worker wants to…


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Ghosted...But Why?


I was actually considering that to be the entirety of this article. Not out of laziness or anything. I just wanted people to know what it was like to be thoroughly confused.

And no, this article isn't a complain piece. For the most part. Although if most of the comments are complaints, I don't think anyone would argue.

For those of you…


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Guys, It's Not "LinkedIn & Chill"

Hey girl. I see you're on LinkedIn. Me too. Niiiiiiice profile. What are you looking for? Oh, you're looking to network? Cool, cool. I'm down with networking. Do you want to connect? We should totally connect. I LOVE networking. I'm sure I can help you out somehow. Nice pic. You have great eyes. What? Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just trying to be nice. I'm totally here…


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Don't Get Burnt (Out) This Summer

We've all been there...getting ready to hit the beach and you look at the clock. 2pm...You're good. It's late enough to go without sunscreen, right? I make this mistake every summer. Twice. At least. I'm not sure why I can't remember it and I constantly make the same mistake. You think you don't have to prepare and BAM...Lobster Face. Then you're "That Guy" at…


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Gettin' Social - LinkedIn Connec ... er ... Friends

By now, you've all seen it:

People complain to me (about me?) every day.

"Act professional!"

Um, ok. Anything for you total stranger.

"Nice emoji. What are you, 12?"

Uh oh! Who called the LinkedIn Police??…


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The Art Of The LinkedIn Invite

Let me start by saying this. I love LinkedIn. I LOVE IT. According to my profile, I have been a member since August 30, 2005. So I’m coming up on 12 years. I was super psyched when I got that fancy little “500+” symbol.

My network has gone thru a ridiculous amount of changes during this time.

First I did the address book import thing to bulk up the…


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You & Your Brand - LinkedIn Profiles

Brand. Brand brand brand brand brand brand. Brand? BRAND!

Have you been on LinkedIn the last few weeks? Then you know what I am talking about. No...not Blockchain. The other topic. No...not posts that start with "I don't post here often." Forget it. Brands, I am talking about Brands. More specifically, your Brand. It's more than a buzzword, and you don't want…


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Candidates Are People, Not Produce

Let's get right to it. Candidates know EXACTLY what I am talking about.

The client LOVED you. They want to be kept updated on your search progress.
The client LOVED you. You were their first interview and they want to meet a few others.
The client LOVED you. They just wish you had a little more…

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Recruiters Need To Give Candidates The "Disney Experience"

If you've ever been to Walt Disney World or Disneyland, you know that customer service is paramount to Disney. Yes, you may wait in line for 200 minutes to check out the latest rides, even if it turns out to be a 5 minute psychedelic version of "It's A Small World." With flying jellyfish (I'm looking at you Avatar). But it is a guarantee that every single…


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Job Searches - Just Like A Vacation

Days are getting longer. Memorial day is behind us. School is out. Time to check out those online reviews, buy some new clothes, and plan the best route to get there. That's right, it's...Job Search time! What, you thought I meant vacation season? Searching for a job is just like getting ready for a vacation. Don't believe me? No, really, I'm serious. Here,…


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