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Revitalise your Resume for 2015

Most recruiters write a report for their clients about the candidate, but most don’t actually edit the CV that the candidate has provided. This is important because…


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Six key tips for raising your executive profile

As a recruiter in the executive space, many candidates often ask me for advice on how important it is to concentrate on their profile.  Very few of us have the luxury…


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THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT! How to get a job in a tough market

With the market as tough as it is, I often receive calls from students or young people in property asking how they can get their first job, or transition into a new area where they might not have experience.  I give the same advice over and over again, but not many seem to take it. Applying to jobs on seek is not going to get you a role when you have no experience. In this market, you need to be prepared to do work experience (often for free) and the only way to secure these positions is…


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Redundancy – your opportunity to refurbish

Facing redundancy can be worrying for a number of reasons – you may not be sure what to do next, and financial concerns are also often an issue.  The UDIA has estimated that approximately 40% of the industry has already lost their jobs, so finding another role can be difficult, particularly if you have only had experience in one sector. Don’t take it personally; remember that it was the job that was made redundant, not you. Be sure not to burn your bridges, although you may be upset, it is…


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Recession Recovery Strategy – Retention focus essential!

All signs are pointing towards a recovery – the media is certainly talking a lot about it. Green-shoots are sprouting in various industries and confidence is slowly returning, but what does this mean for your business and staff?

The last 18months have certainly been very difficult in the Property and Construction space.  From a recruitment perspective, we started noticing a change in February 2008, when a number of roles were withdrawn due to the…


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Building your Personal Brand

A brand is the identity of a product or service. Interestingly, the word originates from “branding” for ownership of cattle and other animals, but the meaning of the word has evolved to encompass identify, and can now take many forms (promise, symbol, general identity).

As any professional service provider (recruiter, lawyer, engineer, town planner etc) your personal brand defines who you are and what you stand for.  In the professional services…


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The Happiness Advantage (Sean Achor)

The happiness advantage is one of the better books I have read in a very long time.  The basis of the book is that most humans operate on a formula that is taught to us as we grow up. If you work hard, you’ll be successful, and once you are successful, then you’ll be happy. This pattern of belief is copied across a lot of areas of our lives – once I lose 5 kilos, then I’ll be happy – once I get a raise, I’ll be happy… Continue

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Getting involved in your industry does wonders for your career!

As a specialist in property recruitment, I spend a lot of time talking to senior people within the property industry about what they look for in their staff. There are a few qualities and traits that get spoken about time and time again, yet often when interviewing younger candidates within the property industry, some of these traits are missing. How can you position yourself to ensure that you are an “employee of choice?” 2010 was certainly a difficult…


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Networking – a recruiters dream (or nightmare)

Going to industry functions is an important part of immersing yourself in an industry sector. It’s a great way to meet new contacts, and people are there to network.  It never ceases to amaze me though how often I will introduce myself to a group of people only to find that they all work at the same company! What a wasted opportunity. Here are a few tips to get you started:


  1. Remember your etiquette. There are a few golden rules when attending a networking function to…

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Boutique versus Generalist?

In Recruiter Daily yesterday, John McCaskill (Winners) recently commented that being a specialist far outweighs the positives of being employed within a larger, more diverse company. Whilst I agree that being a specialist is important, I think it is possible to achieve this in a larger agency. This way, you can actually get the benefits John talks about (strength of brand, team culture, size, established procedures) but you also get the benefit of…


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Making a resume work……

Most recruiters write a report for their clients about the candidate, but most don’t actually edit the CV that the candidate has provided. This is important because the client needs to see how the candidate communicates and “sells” themselves.

Therefore, the CV is the most important document that a candidate has in the job search process. I often get calls from candidates asking what to include in a cover letter, but rarely get calls about what to…


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