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Why Singapore? Taxes, taxes, taxes!

Globalization’s effects can be felt everywhere. Gone are the days where people needed to hop on planes to attended business meetings, and gone are the days where managers needed to be physically present to manage their teams. Today companies can move their doors to foreign and more profitable places where labor is cheaper, taxes are lower, and property has more value.

We at HireLabs have become big fans of Singapore, which is on its way to becoming the epicenter of the technological… Continue

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Why Singapore: Work Ethics and Government

To understand how a nation runs or what it would be like to work with the people of a country, a close examination of its work ethics and morals is important and when it comes to a business considering a venture in a certain country, these traits and characteristics become even more important to comprehend. Many people tend to overlook this work ethics of a place and this may ultimately lead to their downfall.

In order to be successful, anywhere, the owners of a business must keep their… Continue

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Why Singapore? Technology and Development

With the technological world advancing at a rapid speed, Singapore has become one of the forerunners in the race towards innovation and advancement. Following in the footsteps of California and India, it has been dubbed by Eyal Gura, founder and CEO of PicApp, as on its way to becoming the third Silicon Valley of the world.

Serving as the host to Echelon, Asia’s leading web technology event, Singapore is currently attracting hundreds of new business ventures that concentrate on computing… Continue

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Ireland embraces FirstScreen™ from HireLabs – The Red Lemonade factor

FirstScreen™ propels Irish job board specialists IWantANewJob

Ireland based IWantANewJob goes live with FirstScreen™, the talent assessment platform from HireLabs. Commenting on the positioning, HireLabs VP Sales, Hassan Bin Rizwan said that

…FirstScreen™ not only fulfills the much demanded talent screening solution for the Irish market, but also strongly positions HireLabs to extensively service regional markets through it’s channel partners.

President and COO… Continue

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Corporate Boards’ involvement in Talent Management

Highly influential Boards such as those at GE and Google have always kept talent development in mind when looking at long-term strategy. The Boards of these companies have relevant expertise, but most importantly they have access to several key line managers (the succession pipeline) who provide the raw data needed to construct a long-term strategy. HireLabs study of a recent McKinsey survey has revealed a few very interesting facts about how more and more Boards are actively… Continue

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The art of Situation-based Hiring

The cliché “Hiring the right person for the right job” continues to be loosely used by the HR industry. In order for HR to recruit “mister/miss right”, HR would need to put emphasis of conducting a job analysis, which will help HR in understanding the current and future situations that impact the position. Unfortunately, this seldom happens.

Once HR understands the situations that surround a position, they will be able to reduce the risk…


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Candidate-quality and placement rates

If you are a recruiter in San Francisco, then the only way that you can still afford to pay $3 a gallon these days to fill up your gas tank, is if you start increasing your placement rate. That’s easier said than done, because you have a growing talent pool (the unfortunately unemployed), and a slow-recovering job market, where other recruiters are fighting to fill the same position. At a time like this some recruiters become extremely creative, which helps them stand…

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Managing the 2-job employee

The era of the two-job employee (let us call him “Sam”) has emerged as a result of the global recession. Sam is a new breed who developed entrepreneurial survival skills to battle the recession, and learned how find and keep a second job.

You, the employer, do not need to be too alarmed if Sam takes on a second job as a baker, or a mechanic, because this would require Sam to be physically present at that location. However the situation is more complicated if Sam takes on a second job… Continue

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Advice to the Obama administration

The Obama administration will face an uphill battle delivering its promises on job growth. Replacing the 7.2 million jobs lost since 2007, will not be an easy task.

This battle becomes more complicated especially when the administration members take counterproductive measures, such as those taken by Lisa Jackson, chief of the Environmental Protective Agency. Jackson outlined a set of new smog reduction rules which will place a burden of $90 billion on private job… Continue

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How can the Australian job market continue its growth?

As the Australian job market continues to outperform by adding 24,500 new jobs in October, instead of the expected 10,000 jobs, Prime Minister Rudd, and the Labor Government have something to celebrate about on their 2-year anniversary.

We expect job growth to continue in the long-term. Project such as Gorgon in Western Australia will continue to increase the number of jobs. According to the ACIL Tasman report, an additional 10,000 direct and indirect jobs are on the horizon,… Continue

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Ready to make money in recruitment again?

Are you starting to make money in recruitment again? I don’t mean the nickels and dimes, I mean are you starting to make some serious money that you made earlier in this decade? If not then, maybe you should see how to reposition yourself.

The first thing you should do when repositioning yourself is understand where the economy is heading and what the economy will demand in the coming quarters. One of the best resources for recruiters who want to… Continue

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A 'Talented' City

While providing consulting services to the governments of the Middle East on how to build cities that are powerhouses of talent we at HireLabs realized the true meaning of the saying ‘birds of a feather flock together’. The same logic holds true for talent. True talent usually has a hunger to learn and innovate, and when you create an environment where talent lives and works in close proximity to each other, you are on your way to building a knowledge economy.

Before we started our… Continue

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Understanding team dynamics before hiring

While interviewing Mark Kurtz for a programming position, Debra Tobin, the head of HR had a smile on her face. The moment that she saw Mark’s resume, she knew that Mark was the high potential talent that Johnson & Company had been searching for to solidify the team. Mark was a recent Stanford graduate with a long list of impressive projects, including working with Oracle on a special integration project with the Malaysian government. Two days after the interview, Mark received an offer… Continue

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A bad case of CEOitis

Do you remember that guy who got a funding of $3million in his the series A round, he had an impressive business plan, he displayed rapid growth and claimed he was 12 months from breaking even? Do you remember how he delivered his commitments during the first 6 months, which was followed by a series of losses? This situation is all too common, we have all seen this, but now instead of ignoring this situation, lets shed light on how this could happen, and what signs can we watch out… Continue

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The Occupation DNA of a Recruiter

At Stanford University, we developed a concept called OccupationDNA. I am sure that several others may have already experimented with this concept, so we decided to take it to new level.

Just as any living thing has a DNA, similarly every occupation has a DNA too - its what the occupation requires for it to be fulfilled. We collaborated with data provided by US Dept. of Labor and developed the OccupationDNA (made up of a collection of 275 traits that we identified) for over 4500… Continue

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The hiring frenzy has started!

Companies are begining to hire again, my research team just handed some valuable information on hiring trends and patterns in the UK.

Announcements of the creation of new jobs across the UK in 2009

30 July - Government pledge 47,000

28 July - NHS (apprentices) 5,000

17 July - Travelodge 250

3 July - Westfield Stratford City 18,000 By 2015

14 May - Lebara Mobile 130

1 May - PricewaterhouseCoopers1,000

27… Continue

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Increasing Returns by Understanding Talent

The VCs must ask themselves if their companies are run by management teams that are capable of driving companies as the recession eventually bottoms. Studying the shift in the current unemployment rates in the US, HireLabs can forecast a recovery in the international labor market - lead by the US - sometime around Feb 2010.

Very few CEOs of venture-backed companies have the experience of riding a company out of a recession successfully. The first sign that a management team is not… Continue

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