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What's New in HR Tech, November Round Up

Our mission at SelectSoftware is to keep you informed on what’s new with HR technology. As the industry is ever-changing, we curate the most interesting news stories that come across our desks every month to craft a narrative of what’s changing.

The holiday season is upon us, but that doesn’t mean HR tech is slowing down at all. Throughout November, more acquisitions and functionalities littered the news. Check out such stories as a new LinkedIn tool and a few big…


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Five Strategies to Build and Increase Customer Loyalty

Acquiring new customers is great, but retaining existing ones and gaining their loyalty is cheaper and far more profitable for a business. 

Several studies have estimated that attracting new customers can be anywhere between 5-25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones. Another …


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When HR Tech goes too far - Microsoft’s employee surveillance technology

Clearly we are fans of how HR Tech can make a meaningful impact on organizations.  From unbiased hiring to increasing employee engagement, software is typically a positive when done right.

However, there is a looming threat in our industry to essentially take the human out of HR Tech.  As a research team, we see this as a pitfall for lots of tools ranging from misused automated…


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7 Tips to keep employees productive while working from home

The world has faced the COVID-19 pandemic for months now. Remote work, which everyone thought to be a temporary arrangement, has become much more permanent. Though some governments loosened restrictions and lifted the lockdown during the summer and early fall, the new wave of the virus has forced many countries including the United States to re-establish lockdowns. 

Many organizations now see remote working as a logical precaution for their employees. Remote work is no longer an…


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Wasting sales rep’s time can REALLY hurt HR Tech buyers

A year ago I was giving an actual in person presentation on how to buy HR Tech to a group of HR directors.  As you can see, it was literally a fireside chat:

A white board in front of a fireplace during a HR professionals retreat

I really love to speak to smaller groups as it allows for a conversation versus me just talking at people (also why I love it when people reply to our newsletters with questions/comments). …


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The Difference Between CEM and CRM Software Solutions

Customer relationship management (CRM) and customer experience management (CEM) are commonly confused with one another. On the surface, both software solution types capture and analyze customer information, which is why businesses often question if they need to have both and if one can cover the same functionality of the other.

This confusion is quite understandable, especially since CRM and CEM solutions also share the same goal of boosting a company’s profitability through the…


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A bad sign when buying HR Tech - CEOs on sales calls

The other day I was having a conversation with an HR leader who was new to their role and trying to figure out how to build out their Work Tech stack.  Specifically, they were looking at a new technology to manage their benefits.

She had found vendor that caught her eye, but there was something in the back of her head, a gut feeling, that something was off about this company.

Without getting into too many details, she is a fairly seasoned HR pro who has bought many systems over…


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Fresh Tech Fridays: New HR Tech to Check Out in November

Fresh Tech Fridays is back! This is where we profile new companies in the HR Tech world that should be on your radar, in addition to the latest product launches from the best software companies in the world of Work Tech.

The new innovations in HR Tech address responses to the current recruiting climate. From talent acquisition to onboarding, and in no particular order, these new technologies have you covered.

Entromy: Organizational health assessments via next generation…


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Goal Setting and 5 Year Plans: HR Leaders' Advice

Professional goal setting is key to achieving in your career.  But, it can be tough, especially in the world of human resources.  So, we asked a few experts to weigh in and give their advice to HR professionals looking to put together their own five year plans.

While starting a career in HR can be happenstance, many people find they love this work.  You become a key part of the strategy behind an organization through a career in human resources.  And, you get to help define the…


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HR, Redefined: The Role of Human Resources Today

What exactly is the role of HR today? The job description of the modern HR professional involves so much more than administrative tasks such as payroll and benefits (although still important — more on that later).

Today’s most impactful HR teams partner with the C-suite to deliver value on both a strategic and operational level. And with the advent of coronavirus and the rapid transformation of the workforce in its wake, this new HR capability has been in high…


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20 Must Read Articles for HR Tech Nerds from October 2020

At SelectSoftware Reviews, we strive to stay up-to-date on the newest HR tech vendors, practices and news stories. Oftentimes, that information comes from practitioners in the trenches that share valuable insights through blog posts and articles across the web. 

Once again, we are shining the spotlight onto those thought leaders, content creators, and analysts that created our favorite October reads. With the HR tech landscape constantly shifting and changing, we…


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Highs and Lows of HR Tech, October Round-Up

October was an eventful month for HR tech. As more big tech names roll out permanent work-from-home options, HR tech companies are innovating, acquiring and integrating to meet the demands of an increasingly permanent remote workforce. 

Not everything has been smooth sailing, however. Check out our list of highlighted stories from this month to see what pandemic pitfalls have occurred to contrast success stories.  …


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Different Types of Pre-Employment Tests to Boost Remote Hiring

Job interviews have gone completely virtual because of the pandemic. As a result, it’s become difficult to see how well a candidate fits with your company.

While video interviewing software has stepped up its game to make the hiring process easier for both hiring managers and talent, you might still miss a few key predictors about…


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An Employer Review Site Playbook for Recruiting Teams

Think about the last major purchase you made. For me, it was a weekend getaway and I was trying to figure out what hotel to book. Did you use customer reviews on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google? Chances are the answer is yes.

Even if you didn't live and die by stranger's sometimes anonymous opinion, it was an important signal in your buyer journey.

The same phenomenon is happening with job seekers. They are using websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, Comparably, FairyGod Boss,…


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Five Types of Customer Experience Management Software

Customer experience management software


A customer experience management software (commonly abbreviated as CEM, CXM, or CX software) typically performs a range of functions, including helping you collect and analyze customer feedback to deliver…


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How to Buy HR Tech: Sales Leaders’ Advice

Buying new software for your HR tech stack is difficult. From discovering a need to vetting vendors to making a final decision, there are a lot of bumps in the road that can lead to costly mistakes. 

When buying new HR software, there is typically a sales person on the opposite side of the Zoom.  While these folks are incentivized to sell us, many of them are actually great resources on the industry and landscape of solutions.

We realized that sales people have a bit of insider…


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Most Common HR Tech Vendor Lies

We all know the stereotype of the used car salesman who's willing to say whatever it takes to sell you a car. They're even willing to give you a special price, because they like you and you have nice smile. (Side note, if you haven't listened to the …


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HR Tech Trends in 2021

2021 will be an interesting year that may just be as unpredictable as 2020.  However, using the search data from our site, we can be reasonably accurate with a few predictions that should come true in the coming year.

Plus, it’s always fun to make predictions :)

If you want, you can watch the video version of this here.



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An Iterative Approach to Implementing HR Tech

I find that many HR and recruiting teams allow perfect to be the enemy of good when it comes to rolling out new technology. And, I totally get it. We are asked to manage risk, and many times are dealing with sensitive data or processes that really need to be perfect, like payroll.

That said, many tools now have quick time to value paths for implementation. This could be a free trial or free to use module for vendors pursuing a…


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An Important Metric For Evaluating HR Software

While working in venture capital, my job was to try and find the next big software company. One of the key frameworks we used to understand the potential trajectory of a business was the level of engagement people had with that product.

This same framework should be applied to HR tools/software both for practitioners looking to invest…


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