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10 Need-to-Read DEI Articles from Black History Month 2021

To end our Black History Month series of articles, we turned the focus onto other content creators to hear their perspectives about DEI in the workplace. 

Some topics you’ll see include:

  • COVID-19 and the Black community
  • Ideas for celebrating Black History Month in the workplace
  • Ensuring inclusion of all underrepresented groups

Scroll down for all that and more!

Jen Colletta of HR Executive interviews…


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Powering HR Operations with Strategic Workforce Planning

It can cost over 200% of an employee's salary to replace them, an especially scary stat when you realize that companies lose 25% of new employees in their first year. 

But what if your human resources department could predict with 95% confidence when that turnover was…


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5 ways to cut waste from your recruiting budget, an interview with Ryan Dull

Human resources (HR) and talent acquisition (TA) teams often have to fight for budget. According to a Blissfully report, the average company spends $343k on SaaS per year, with Sales and Engineering eating up most of that spend. 

Saas Spending by Department bar graph by percentage over the years 2010 through 2018

While this chart from Blissfully shows that HR’s budget is growing, it doesn’t always mean it’s for the…


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Using Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Software to Support Initiatives

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace can affect your business in a positive way.  Companies with diverse talent on their management teams see a 19% increase in revenue compared to less diverse competitors according to BCG research. In a similar study, …


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Peakon and WorkDay Acquisition Analysis

We’ve noticed that when financial news regarding mergers or fund raising happens in the HR Tech space, many times it is misinterpreted.

While it’s hard to know exactly what happens behind the scenes on many of these transactions, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you navigate the real story behind the headlines.

To share some of these tricks, we thought it’d be interesting to look at the recent acquisition of Peakon by WorkDay.  We’ll also be doing a few finance…


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How to use virtual career fairs to boost hiring, an interview with Tammy Chanley

Career fairs have been essential to high volume recruiting. However, the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to large in-person events. For Tammy Chanley, that proposed a challenge. 

Tammy is a high volume Recruiter for Charter Communications, the official name of the internet, cable, and phone service provider, Spectrum. Charter is a behemoth of a company, with 95,885 employees. Ever since launching their…


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DEI Initiatives, Programs, and Technology: Thoughts from Black HR Tech Leaders

McKinsey research shows that companies committed $66 billion to advancing racial equity last year. However, according to the Stanford Corporate Governance Research Initiative, only 3% of CEOs, 1% of CFOs, and 3% of profit leaders…


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5 Notable Statistics about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Positions

Diversity, equity, and inclusion has seen a steady rise in search volume over the last 5 years, as evidenced by the graph below. That is, until June 2020 when it skyrocketed.

The killing of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 sparked national outrage, a powder keg of racial injustice that exploded after years of buildup. Protests followed, led by the organization Black Lives Matter that have been empowering the social justice movement since…


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What is RPA in HR?

According to Forrester, the market for robotic process automation technology will grow to $2.9 billion in 2021. That’s a big jump from the $250 million evaluation they estimated in 2016. So what does RPA expert Tim…


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The Top Intranet Document Management Features

One of the main reasons for getting an intranet is to optimize the organization and sharing of information. A small company can generate a tremendous amount of knowledge, which can get chaotic much too soon.

According to research from McKinsey, the typical employee spends 20% of their time looking for internal information or tracking down teammates to…


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15 HR Tech must-reads from January 2021

After a holiday break, we’re back with the best reads across the HR blogosphere from January. We’re always scouring the net for the best new insights that keep us on the forefront of HR Tech. 

Highlights from this month’s round-up include:

  • Recruiting trends that will stick around after COVID.
  • Survey data about salary transparency.
  • The growing impact of data in HR.

Keep scrolling for all that and more!…


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SSR Presents: HR Tech Awards

SSR’s mission is to raise the bar across the HR Tech landscape so that it’s easier to find and buy the right tools.

As a way to highlight the people who are doing it right in our space, we are launching our first ever HR Tech Awards focused on practitioners, consultants, and vendors who are raising the bar in the world of WorkTech.

We’ll be accepting nominations through …


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What is Talent Management?

You’ll probably come across the term “talent management” soon after your first day in the HR department. On paper, it’s defined as the strategy of finding, obtaining, and growing talent. But what it actually encompasses is much more than that.  

Betterworks found that companies with clear objectives outperform the competition by 42%. By…


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HR Email Open Rates

One of the hardest aspects of human resource management is getting employees to do something.  This could occur during open enrollment, the introduction of a new employee referral system, or implementing OKRs.

In fact, in the HR Tech world, getting employees on board can be one of the biggest challenges when it comes to implementations of new software.  Once again, the People team have it harder than the rest of the organization as many new tools need adoption across the organization…


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HR Tech Trends in 2021

2021 will be an interesting year that may just be as unpredictable as 2020.  However, using the search data from our site, we can be reasonably accurate with a few predictions that should come true in the coming year.

Plus, it’s always fun to make predictions :)

If you want, you can watch the video version of this here.



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The Trends and Future of HR Tech

HR technology is constantly innovating. But how do human resources and TA teams keep up?  50% of HR professionals recognize that data is the top trend in hiring practices. Yet only 9% of recruitment decision makers believe they have strong enough tech to get the job done according to a …


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The Impact of AI on Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed how companies do business and proven to be worth the investment. Companies are increasingly finding more use cases to leverage AI in their business strategies, including those for customer experience management.

A 2019 Gartner study revealed that the number of enterprises implementing AI…


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Don't buy software from jerks

One of the insider pro tips we always tell HR Tech buyers is to pay attention to the quality of your sales rep.  While a helpful rep who is easy to communicate with will no doubt help move you to selecting that vendor, there's actually a bit more to why this is a strong signal for your buying calculus.

Sales reps who are good at their job can basically work wherever they want.  It's simple to prove you're a good sales person, you just show your W2 to any potential employers along…


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Using Free Onboarding Software to Grow Your Small Business

For small businesses, efficiency is everything. Having highly engaged employees is essential, not only from a productivity standpoint, but also a financial standpoint. 

As such, you want to engage your employees from the very start of their journey to see the best results. Luckily, there are numerous free onboarding tools available that provide great functionality for the small business on a budget. 

A new employee shaking hands as he is being onboarded

When an employee moves on…


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Free Video Interviewing Software: What to Expect

Remote work was a rising trend even before the pandemic, growing by 159% from 2005 to 2017. If anything, COVID-19 has sped up the transition from in-office to remote work. A Gartner survey revealed that …


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