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HRIS Basics: How HR Software Delivers Intelligence from Hire to Retire

Today’s most successful companies know their greatest asset is their people. If you’re ready to truly invest in your organization’s talent, it is time to upgrade to a human resources information system (HRIS) — a digital solution for HR management.

An HRIS allows your HR team to gather, manage, and disseminate all of your company’s core HR operations. Think of the HRIS as a digital library of employee information. Instead of spreading important insights across spreadsheets, email…


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Putting People First: 10 Wellness Challenges Your Employees Will Love

Employee wellness programs are nothing new. In fact, there are many companies that focus solely on various ways to engage and encourage employees to take better care of their health and wellness. (Check out our Best Employee Wellness Platforms reviews for more details.) 

It’s not just about exercise and better eating habits. From smoking cessation to…


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So You Want to Become a Recruiter

So, you have decided you want to become a recruiter? Professions in talent acquisition can be rewarding and exciting at the same time. However, a career in recruiting doesn’t always follow a straight line.  And, there are negatives along with the glory of bringing in that top executive hire who will help transform the company.

Common Career Paths For Recruiters

Recruiting is a lot like sales.  You are reaching out to prospective hires many times through cold…


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What You Need To Know About AI in HR, A 101 Course

Do you want to understand how artificial intelligence is going to impact HR and recruiting? We've put together a short overview of where AI is today, where it's going, and how to leverage this exciting technology in your company today.

We've packaged this information into five short videos that you can consume below all at once, of one by one in a five day email course. You can signup to get these delivered to your inbox each day for the next five days…


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The Strategy Behind Effective Employee Performance Appraisals That Actually Work

“How am I doing?” For most employees, this is the perennial question that affects just about everything — from morale to performance to day-to-day attitude. We’ve already written about how important it is to give performance feedback on an ongoing basis. But that doesn’t make the annual or biannual performance review less important to conduct correctly.

A formal…


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The Best Creative Recruiting Strategies for Finding Raw Talent

Human Resource professionals are constantly looking for innovative recruiting strategies to find raw talent. Social restrictions due to the Coronavirus, make it even more imperative. We asked the experts: 

What out-of-the-box or innovative strategies have you used to recruit great talent?

Here is what they had to say...

Rex Freiberger, CEO, Gadget… Continue

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Guide to Onboarding Remote Employees

Employee onboarding matters more than we think it does.  A successful employee onboarding program helps improve retention, employee engagement, satisfaction, and boost employee productivity levels. 

Employee onboarding is a series of activities that allow new hires to get to know the organization they’ll be working with, the new role they’ll be handling, and the new team they’ll be a part of.  

When employees join an organization, the initial days and weeks that they spend at…


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Beyond Lip Service: Employee Engagement Strategies to Inspire Your Workforce

For a more connected, higher performing workforce, you may want to consider a little less talk and a little more active engagement. After all, highly engaged teams show 21 percent greater profitability, as well as improved productivity and loyalty.

Employee engagement is often confused with job satisfaction, but it encompasses much more than a worker’s happiness with their…


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Employee Cross-Training: How to Ensure a Future-Ready Workforce

There’s a surefire way to help your organization to navigate workforce shortages, support spikes in demand for your product, and lead to higher employee morale: employee cross-training.

Employee cross-training is the process of helping workers develop new skills and knowledge outside their immediate role. What’s more, research…


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Enhance Work Culture with Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

As an HR professional you may be challenged with the task of developing a diversity and inclusion initiative program. According to research by McKinsey, it is found that companies that lag in diversity and inclusion pay a performance penalty of 27% when it comes to profitability. 

We have evaluated D&I programs and statistics from…


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Perk Up: The Best Employee Benefits for Attracting and Retaining Talent

Money talks, but benefits may do more than salary to help you stand apart as an employer of choice. In a Glassdoor survey nearly 80 percent of people said they prefer new or additional benefits to an outright pay boost.

Perhaps that’s because beyond the financial bonus, benefit packages also improve employees’ lives by supporting their health, work-life balance, and long-term professional development.…


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How Technology is Changing Human Resources

The HR field continues to evolve at a rapid pace due in large part to the ever changing HR technology landscape.  It’s amazing how much has developed over the past few decades, and exciting to see how software and AI will push human resources departments going forward.…


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Strategic Employee Onboarding: How to Set Up New Hires for Success

Beyond simply filling out paperwork, employee onboarding has the potential to be a memorable, engaging experience — one that can have a crucial impact on a new hire’s tenure. After all, 86 percent of new hires decide to stay or leave a company within the first six months.

You can make the most of a new employee’s first months with a…


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Interview with Brian Testa, HR Pro at Spinnaker Human Capital

Over the course of his 20+ year career in human resources, Brian Testa’s focus has become emerging HR Tech. Specifically, he has a deep background in buying, implementing and managing human capital management (HCM) systems at a wide variety of companies.

We recently sat down with Brian to get a better insight into comp benefits software, including his thoughts on the key factors to consider when choosing which vendors…


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Built for Success: Planning a Winning Performance Management Strategy

Every company wants to be built entirely of high performers, working together towards shared goals. But how does a company get there? Without proper performance management, the most innovative and inspired new hires may misdirect their efforts, ultimately frustrating management and subsequently themselves. In fact, according to a 2018 McKinsey Global…


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The Beginner’s Guide to Text Recruiting in 2020

Recruiting is difficult: you need to find people that qualify for the position while convincing them to submit their applications. If your business struggles with recruiting, it should use methods like text recruiting to make the process more efficient. If text recruiting interests you, then we have some points to share that will explain what it is while giving you tips on how to use it.

Understanding Text Recruiting

Text recruiting uses text messaging to…


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How We Evaluate HR Tech Vendors

This post is for HR/TA practitioners who want to understand the process behind our research to better evaluate how much they can trust our advice, in addition to practitioners who want to hone their own abilities to discover and vet vendors. This post is also for the vendors who reach out to us and want to know what look for in vendors we feature.

There are thousands of software vendors in the HR/Recruiting ecosystem, and it's our job to understand which ones we should be recommending…


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Interview with Geri Reilly, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, Karyopharm Therapeutics

In the two years that Geri Reilly has been with Karyopharm Therapeutics, she has been instrumental in implementing several new HR-focused technologies to help prime the company for future growth.

Phil Strazzulla recently had an opportunity to talk with her about the various HR Tech platforms Karyopharm Therapeutics is using, and what she sees as the biggest challenges and benefits to adding HR Tech to a growing…


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Hire with confidence: How to Conduct an Employer Background Check

So you did it. After much searching and interviewing you seem to have found the perfect job candidate — now what? Well, if you’re like 95 percent of employers, you’re about to confirm their employment with the last and final step of the vetting process: the background check.

If you mention employment background screening to the…


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The Cost Per Hire Nuance Your Recruiting Team Doesn't Appreciate

Most talent acquisition teams are familiar with cost per hire. It's a core metric for understanding the efficiency of your recruiting function, and is simply calculated as the total recruiting budget divided by the total number of hires your organization has made.

Cost per hire will include things like third party recruiters, job board spend, technology (ATS, assessment, etc), internal recruiters, career site CMS, and everything else that goes towards meeting your hiring…


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