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Are job boards a waste of time?

Job boards have been around for what seems like forever.  If an internet year is the equivalent of a dog year (seven years to every one human year) then job boards are past their century mark and in some cases approaching dinosaur status.

Do people still use job boards?

Even just a quick online search reveals that yes, people do still use job boards. From brands like Monster, Jobsite and Totaljobs to aggregator sites such as Indeed or Broadbean, the job boards are alive and…


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Where have all the jobs gone..?

Open a newspaper or switch on the television and it seems that swingeing jobs cuts are still being announced on a regular basis. While we all acknowledge that the days of the ‘job for life’ are gone, traditionally there have always been sectors perceived as ‘safer’ career choices. 

This is no longer necessarily the case. The reputation of the once lucrative financial sector has been decimated with the banking crisis and a swathe of cuts is still pending across the once safe public…


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The CV is Dead - Long Live the CV

There is much debate currently flying around over the longevity of the CV in its traditional format. With video CVs and cloudbased presentation software such as Prezi bombarding the market, candidates are called upon to dream up increasingly innovative techniques simply to get in a look in at a vacancy. 

Add to that soaring jobless figures and the high volume of applicants for each role, why submit a standard CV? There’s no stronger deterrent to a recruiter than a pile of CVs listing…


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CV parsing - yes, no or maybe?

CVs have changed. Instead of going round your local businesses with a folder full of CVs, handing them out and knowing people will read them, the majority of CVs are submitted as part of an online application process and now, there are even CVs that take the form of web pages – all in order to help people stand out more to try and help them get read.

With the amount…


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Google+ .. just another social media site?

Google-plus-logo So we have ourselves another social media platform. Google wanted in on the world of Social Media and thus, Google+ came into being.

Now, apart from having some trouble registering for Google+ (here I must thank Ben for his patient phonecall to me) I was perfectly open-minded and ready to see how it would work and be received.…


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Swapping quality for quantity?

Last week, LinkedIn announced they had launched a new ‘plug in’ that would enable job seekers to apply more easily for job opportunities. All you do is click ‘apply with LinkedIn’ and your LinkedIn profile page is sent off the employers.

I am sure I’m not alone in thinking there are more than a few problems with this concept.

An employer is looking for someone…


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Give those recruiters a red card, ref..

Anyone can tell you that a bad experience tends to unfortunately stick out in your head more so than a good experience. It can just take one person to really upset a company brand but a whole group of people can do some serious damage and in this case, it most certainly has.

The following tale is by no means tarring the bunch of wonderful recruiters that are out…


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Top Ten Niche Job Boards

This list, of our Top Ten Niche Job Boards, is just for specialist job boards (not general ones). This list is based on feedback we have heard, websites we have perused and duly inspected and been impressed by. As each sector has its own specific set of job boards, I have chosen the best of the bunch and put them below – in alphabetical order, mind.

My whacky comparison Top Ten this week is got…


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Recruiting Graduates in a Recession - part #1

Given today's financial climate,  we all know that this year graduate recruitment requires a different approach. It certainly doesn't make sense to abandon your graduate recruitment programme but you can, however, be smarter about your processes, the tools you use to recruit and adapt your methods to the time.

The bottom line is that there are fewer graduate positions…


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The thing about SJTs..

Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) have been around for almost 60 years. They have become an increasingly popular tool in a recruitment process as they are able to assess job related reactions to situations that other assessments are unable to measure.

These psychological aptitude tests are designed to assess an applicant’s judgement when faced with certain scenarios. Strictly speaking, they assess a preference to make a judgement, but they can, to a certain degree, also assess…


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How much longer will IE6 hang on for?

Many have predicted the demise of Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) over the past years, with Microsoft even having launched a site wholly dedicated to watching its usage decline and trying to accelerate said trend (http://www.ie6countdown.com/). They have also made mention of the fact that they would prefer businesses phase out use of IE6 and are scheduled to cease providing support for it in 2014. Google is another company that decided to discontinue support… Continue

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An apple a day, keep the ATS doctor away..

We have a guest blog today from one of Advorto's very own account managers, Gavin Maze about the merits of maintaining your Applicant Tracking System - take it away, Gavin!

So, you’ve secured the funds, you’ve got the system you wanted, you’ve done the training and your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is up and running. You’ve moved into the wonderful, paperless world of online Recruitment which will empower your people to focus on what they do best..…


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The Importance of Candidate Experience-part 4: Application Forms

When a candidate applies for a job, the main part of the experience is the application form itself. And yet, even though everything else is just extras around it, this is the part that some companies fall down on!

The most important thing with regards to candidate experience from an application form is usability.

Is the form: difficult to read? Badly set out? Very long?

If your form is in an unusual font, a very bright/faded colour or is in a similar colour to the…


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Importance of Candidate Experience -part 3: Emails

There is nothing more frustrating for a candidate then taking the time to fill out an application form, submitting it and then hearing nothing. How long do they wait for before assuming they haven’t been successful then start the application process all over again somewhere else?

A variation of this is when a screen comes up once you’ve applied, telling you that due to the high number of applicants, they will only contact you if you’ve been successful.

Looking around, it’s…


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Top Ten Recruitment Process Outsourcers

And here’s another Top Ten list! This time for Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies.. As usual, it’s based on feedback we’ve heard, people we’ve worked with, awards that have been awarded and even the general word about town.

My Top Ten whacky comparison today is the Top Ten Weird Sports. This list may not be as weird, but it’s just as exciting-I promise.

So here we go…


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Why a talent pool is cool

You don’t need me to point out an obvious fact – every employer wants the perfect candidate for their role. However, you also don’t need me to tell you that this ideal situation is rather rare. But just because you don’t have a role at the right time, wouldn’t you like to keep a tether on a perfect candidate just in case a role comes up in the future? Enter: your talent pool.

Let’s say a good candidate applies for a role in your company but you don’t feel that they are quite suited to…


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Top Ten Graduate Recruitment Advertising Agencies

This list of our Top Ten Graduate Recruitment Advertising Agencies is based on feedback we have heard, agencies we have worked with, awards we have noticed and pretty websites we have been distracted by.

It's not quite like the list of Top Ten Vending Machines, which by the way is pretty darn fabulous, but for people in the recruitment and graduate business, it's a thrill a minute.

So, (alphabetically), here we go:

33 - …


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From Description to Application: Some Definitive DO's and DON'Ts

Here is part 2 of our series of posts on The Importance of Candidate Experience - from the job description to the application form, here is our list of DOs and DON'Ts:

Don’t have scrolling bars within an application form that you need to scroll down with. Multi scrolls on one screen are extremely annoying.

Do use drop down lists if you have multiple options to choose from as an alternative to scrolling…


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Top Ten Job Boards

This list, of our Top Ten Job Boards, is just for general job boards (not specialised ones) and is based on feedback we have heard, people we have worked with, awards we have noticed and pretty websites we've been entranced by.

It's not quite like the list of Top Ten little-known facts about your feet, which is strangely fascinating, but for people in the recruitment business, job boards are fairly influential.

So, (alphabetically), here we go:

Career Builder -… Continue

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The Importance of Candidate Experience - part 1

In the current climate, you can understand that many people are currently unemployed. These people vary from fresh new graduates, to laid off experienced professionals, to potential go getters from school. However, having more potential future employees around doesn’t change the fact that companies still want the best candidates.

In this day and age of the rising influence of social media and online recruitment, it is understandable that these people’s application process of choice is…


Added by Emily Stevenson on March 31, 2011 at 7:03am — 5 Comments


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