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One Benefit Too Many

Early finishes, free drinks and office lunches are just a selection of perks that companies have been offering over the years to keep us motivated and attract new employees. However, with more and more companies announcing cut backs to such incentives and with the value of these coming into question, are job perks as secure as we once…


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Finding talent with video interviewing

Every day people all around the world watch millions of videos on the Internet and the numbers of hours they spend watching this type of content is apparently increasing by 50% every year. Moreover, studies say that 46% of adults who have online accounts have become content creators and are frequently posting photos and videos on their profiles.

Jobseekers are…


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Strong Demand for Finance Professionals in the Biotech Sector

The life science sector is the third largest contributor to economic growth in the UK, with more than 4.000 companies, 165.000 jobs and £50bn revenue.

Oxford, Cambridge and London, the so called “Golden Triangle” of life science companies, are the key locations of UK biotech companies in the UK and are accounting for a stunning 71% of all UK biotech investments made…


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Is the 4 day workweek going to become the norm?

Would you like to be able to work only 4 days a week, keep your current salary, have more time to spend with your loved ones and pursue your personal interests? I would! And I know many others who would too! But, do you think a shorter work week could make you more productive?

Today, more and more employees are struggling with achieving a healthy work life balance and…


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Networking tips for introverts

How do you feel when you get an invitation to a networking event? Do you RSVP immediately and think about how many new business contacts you’ll be making or do you reject it and stick to LinkedIn to meet and connect with people?

Typically we are not used to having face to face conversations with complete strangers. Even the most extrovert people can sometimes find it…


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Summer is here! How to keep calm and stay productive

Staying focused at work in summer can be quite hard especially after a long, cold winter and a rainy spring. As soon as the sun is out and weather gets hotter, we all dream about holidays, barbecues, sunbathing, long walks and pitches of beer, umbrella cocktails and other entertaining summer activities.

Summer is usually a shift…


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Trends in the Compliance market

The Compliance market in 2015 is characterised by a massive increase in demand for Compliance personnel across both the buy-side and sell-side sectors.

This expansion of existing Compliance teams is a direct response to the surge of new rules and regulations coming from the FCA and the PRA. The increasingly regulated environment within financial…


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Think like a marketer to attract top talent

In an increasingly competitive employer market, it is essential for every recruiter to think like a marketer in order to generate awareness, establish trust, engage with candidates, build relationships and, basically, take ownership of their talent brand.

Your Talent Brand

Are you familiar with the concept?

Your talent brand is what your…


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Tips to improve the candidate experience and boost your employer brand

Developing a positive employer brand should be the main focus for every company that wants to significantly improve application rates and have a wide pool of talent to choose from. A clear and defined employer brand will make you stand out in the currently tight recruitment market and will encourage candidates to talk about your organisation in a positive…


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Training – the key to recruitment success

The Industry

Recruitment is an exciting and fast-paced industry and one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK. Industry revenues have surpassed their pre-crisis peak and are now in excess of £29bn per annum.

Competition is fierce in the recruitment industry – the market is undoubtedly crowded, yet it can be surprisingly easy to stand out and…


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The benefits of employee referral programs

Employee referral programs encourage a company’s employees and contacts to source potential candidates for vacancies from their own networks usually in exchange for rewards or compensation.

Candidates hired through referral programs are considered to be better performers as they tend to be pre-qualified by the referrer and better suited for specific jobs. On top of…


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How OTT has Influenced Recruitment

What is OTT?

In broadcasting, over-the-top content (OTT) refers to delivery of audio and video over the Internet without using a traditional cable or satellite connection.

At the moment, websites like YouTube, Netflix and Daily Motion provide a lot of the OTT video content. Some recently conducted studies show that OTT is growing faster than…


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The Joys and Challenges of Working Abroad

Nowadays, more and more people decide to move abroad for work related reasons. An old Chinese proverb says that ‘travelling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books’ and in a world where almost every company has some sort of international presence, taking a job abroad adds a big plus to anyone’s CV.

But moving abroad can be a tough decision and it…


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Interim Manager vs Contractor

In an unpredictable interim market the differences between the Interim Manager and the Contractor debate shows no signs of abating. With the Interim Management Association, IMA, making 2015 the launch of their campaign to promote the value of interim managers within the workforce, it is the contractor market that seems to be in the ascendency.

Are contractors…


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Creating excellent job ads to attract the right talent

Are your job adverts attracting enough applicants? Actually, are they attracting the right type of applicants?

You’ve probably heard this before – a company is as good as its employees. All companies want to hire the best candidates for their vacancies but the war for talent is not easy to win. Therefore, to ensure your job ads attract the very best talent to your positions, you need to start writing them as you would if you…


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