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Why user interface matters and why you should care

Having spent the last nine months building our Recruiting CRM application to interface with many different systems I've been given the unique opportunity to look inside many different HR and recruiting software applications commercially available on the market. I've also had the chance to respond to many RFP's, RFI's, and product bake-offs with competitors. I'm continually blown away at how poorly designed many of these applications are from a users perspective (but not entirely surprised given… Continue

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Cash is king...

We've all heard the phrase "cash is king" and probably hear that today more than ever. Why? Keep in mind that this is overly general but I'm just trying to illustrate a point. In today's economy we hear a lot about companies that borrowed extensively to fuel their growth and now the underlying assets that secured those loans are worth a lot less. In extreme cases that puts those companies upside down - meaning they owe more than the collateralized assets are worth. One way for these companies… Continue

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Resume as a Tag Cloud

If you don't know what a tag cloud is go to wikipedia first.

Check out Tag Crowd. Copy and paste any text to make your own tag cloud to visualize word frequency. Try it with a resume or a job description and see the resulting cloud image. Do you like it? Does it have any relevance? Could you ever see this as a useful tool? Why or why not? Let's hear what you think.


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Human Resources Executive magazine announces 2008 Top 10 HR Products selections

Of course I wouldn't be writing this if Avature's Recruiting CRM wasn't selected...thankfully it was and a big "hug it out" to David Shadovitz and his editors for selecting us. You can see the article in the Oct. 2, 2008 current issue here:


There were a few winners in the talent acquisition space so I congratulate them as well - LinkedIN and Kenexa - good company to be in.

What's… Continue

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Tags vs. folders

According to website del.icio.us, "Folders were the old way to organize your bookmarks. They were great if you only had a few bookmarks and a few folders, but as your collection grew, it became harder and harder to decide what goes where. Delicious has a new and better way: tags."

Tags were also popularized by Flickr - the photo sharing website - as a way in which to categorize photos - who's in them, when they were taken, where they were taken, by season, holiday, event type, etc. -… Continue

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