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Should companies be spying on their remote workers?

In the wake of the Coronavirus, managers are spying on their remote workers. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? How should companies manage their remote workers, especially if this is a new experience for them? Jim Stroud has a suggestion. Tune in to hear what it is. | Special thanks to Proactive…


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The History of Pandemics and How They affect Work and Recruiting

The Coronavirus has had a profound effect on the world of work. In some ways, the changes are immediately apparent and in others, only time will tell. And yet, this is not the first time a global pandemic has afflicted us. What can we learn from previous pandemics and what should we expect to happen soon? In this article,…


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How Pandemics Affect the World of Work

In this extended episode of "The Jim Stroud Podcast," I examine previous pandemics and speculate on what we can expect to happen in the near future and beyond, as it relates to the world of work. I also make a few predictions concerning the world of work in general and recruiting specifically. Tune in for a very special…


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How Will The Coronavirus Affect Recruiting?

The impact of the coronavirus is undeniable in our society and especially in the world of work. Layoffs and hiring freezes threaten our economy and cause concern for the future. Despite the worrisome outlook so many businesses are experiencing, there is a great opportunity for those enterprises willing to heed the advice herein.

In this…


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OMG! The Coronavirus Has Flipped My Office Upside Down! (What do we do now?)

These are interesting times. The Corona Virus has made made a significant change to the way we work, do business and live our lives. So much transition is such a short period of time can be overwhelming, which is why we at Proactive Talent have created the…


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How will the corona virus affect the future of work?

// Special thanks to Proactive…


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[VIDEO] Exoskeletons are the Future of Work

Science fiction is now science fact as exoskeletons become common in the workplace. Plus, automated cashierless convenience stores are picking up steam which causes Jim to react with a profound prediction. Finally, don't upset the Canadians as Jim finds out the hard way. Tune in for a very interesting episode of "The Jim Stroud Show."

Resources related to this…


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How many ways can you sue a recruiter?

I am substituting my regularly scheduled episode of “The Jim Stroud Podcast” for this special episode.

A little over a decade ago, I co-hosted “The Recruiters Lounge Podcast” with my pal – Karen Mattonen. It was very…


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Should Executive Pay Be Regulated?

Today's episode, "Should Executive pay be regulated?" originally aired on August 5, 2009. So what was said back then? Well, Jim Stroud and Karen Mattonen discussed the issue of Executive Pay. Should it be regulated? Jim says NO! Karen (of course) says Yes! An argument begins that lasts waaay longer than it should have, then Lance Haun of HRM…


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Sex at the office! Is it a wonderful thing?

[Original air date: 12.10.08]  Jim…


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NSFW: Can Artificial Intelligence Stop Porn in the Workplace?

Pornography in the workplace is costing companies billions in lost productivity each year. Adding filters to a computer network and monitoring…


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Biometric Resumes are Coming Soon to an Interview Near You

Should your resume be one page or two? Well, that kind of thinking is soo... 1999. If you want to be in line with what’s happening in 2020 and beyond, start thinking about your biometric resume. What’s a biometric resume you ask? Well, imagine proving you are the best qualified person for the job based not on your past experience but instead,…


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How To Find Female Software Developers

Learn sourcing tips on how to find female software developers. These tips are very helpful for diversity and inclusion recruitment efforts. Feel free to download this Slideshare and share with the Recruiters, Sourcers and Talent Acquisition leaders in your network. Enjoy.…


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Check out the future of job hunting! (Robots do it for you!)

Robots taking over jobs is a common theme these days yet, a contrarian view is explored in this episode of “The Jim Stroud Show.” Imagine you are a software developer who is constantly hounded by recruiters; almost to the point of distraction. So, what do you do? You do what Will Sims has done and build a robot to handle all calls from recruiters. Check out this very…


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Social Recruiting with Facebook Video Comments

You can now leave video comments on Facebook! Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Jim Stroud shares his thoughts. Plus, are you wondering how to find Java developers? Jim Stroud shares a sourcing tip on how to find them on Twitter. Tune in now for all the fun and if you have not already, subscribe now!…


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How do you protect your employer brand?

In this episode of the "Its All Recruiting" podcast with Jim Stroud, Joel Cheesman discusses with Jim Stroud the demise of "Simply Hired," robots and automation taking over and his latest cool tool - "Ratedly" and why its the bee's knees for companies everywhere.…


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How To Recruit Employees from the News

Earlier this year, I presented at the recruiting conference - "2016 Sourcing Summit Asia in Singapore" and had a blast presenting on 3 different topics. The first of three was "Headline Recruiting: How To Source Passive Candidates from the News."

This was my session description...

Headline Recruiting: How to Source…


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Selfies: The Ultimate job Search Strategy for Millennials

Ending your job search with a selfie may seem unbelievable but, applying for a job with a selfie is a new and growing trend among employers. In this episode of "The Jim Stroud Show," Jim Stroud shares his observations and several resources that will boost your chances of getting hired fast. Share this video with a friend! Its good for the environment. ;-)…


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How To Find Senior Talent That Will Work For Minimum Wage

Finding passive candidates in a tight labor market can be challenging. What is even more challenging is finding executives who will work for less and sometimes less than market value. I was experiencing such an issue recently and in this slideshare presentation, I share my experience.

My hope is that the information herein helps relieve some of the stress of others charged with the same task.. Enjoy...…


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The #Sourcing Duel (Part 1 and 2)

Have you ever seen an adventure series about sourcing passive candidates before? If not, check out "The Sourcing Duel" series below.

With the mission to find 10 data analysts in the quickest time, Randstad Sourceright's @TheBalazs and @JimStroud take on each other in a sourcing duel. Who will win? Tweet #TheBalazswins or…


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