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Is Social Media Helping to Accelerate Bridge Burning?

This morning, I ran across a post about Jive Software's RIF. There was a lot of interesting information, so I blogged about it. You can read the blog here. I'm really interested in what the Recruiter World thinks about this. Does your online behavior post-layoff affect you long term?

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I have some advice for you Third-Party Recruiters...

Although, I know that most of you don't operate this way, there are some among you who do. And they piss me off. :)


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Owens Corning - An Innovation nGen for HR

Workforce Management recently highlighted the HR function at Owens Corning.

Here are my thoughts:

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Care Bears 2.0

I’ll admit that this doesn’t have anything to do with Recruiting. However, it has everything to do with marketing and knowing your audience, so I’m going to post it. It’s all about the Care Bears.


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A Lesson from Vacation

A few weeks ago, my family and I took our first long vacation in several years. We visited family in Ellijay, Georgia, and we spent some time on beautiful Topsail Island, NC. It’s obviously been a long time since we’ve had a vacation, so my ability to step away from work was a little rusty. In fact, when I found out that our beach house had wireless, I was so excited I did the… Continue

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I'm trying to be "unique."

But I'm not sure how it will go over.

Check out the blog here...

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Please Come to Boston in the Springtime...

...for the Enterprise 2.0 Conference! And you can use this handy promo code to save $100 on your registration or get a free pass to the Demo Pavilion!

Today’s successful recruiters (or, as I like to say… Talent Acquisition Innovators) are already aware of how Enterprise 2.0 technologies are changing… Continue

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I've re-branded!

Over the past several weeks, there have been two exciting changes for me.

First and foremost, my company re-branded as nGenera. BSG Alliance was a great name with a lot of history, but we realized that our name didn’t reflect who we were as a company. nGenera is a much better reflection of who we are and what we do.


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Privacy 2.0

You knew it was bound to happen. You just knew it. As cool as Google Street View is, it had to cross the line somewhere. Somewhere appears to be… Continue

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I'm baaaaack!

Man! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. A lot has happened in the last 2 months. First, we bought a little company called Iconixx, and added them to the BSG Alliance platform. Second, I became an aunt again. Third, we launched an internal communications vehicle (known as The Buzz), which is published Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Fourth, I got elected to… Continue

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Work Meetings, Potato Chips, & eBay

One of the worst parts of being a virtual employee is that I rarely get

the opportunity to physically interact with my coworkers. I sit in my

office at home, and use the phone, Skype, Twitter, and Instant

Messenger to communicate with the other BSG Alliance folks. So, when I

have the opportunity to fly to Texas and have some face time, I always

jump at the chance.

Read… Continue

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I Found Agile Talent in a Suitcase

I am trying to find ways to be more creative. I like having ideas. I
like having creative ideas even more. In my quest to become more
creative, I find myself constantly hunting for tools to help me achieve
“creativity nirvana.”


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Do We NEED an Enterprise 2.0 Market?

Thanks to Twitter, I ran across a post by Jevon MacDonald about an Enterprise 2.0 market. More specifically, the post was Jevon arguing that there is no Enterprise 2.0 market.


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Cool New twitter Tool

I ran across a cool twitter tool that would be very helpful to people
in recruiting or sales (not that recruiting ISN’T sales, mind you - it
is). It’s called tweetscan, and it allows you to search twitter’s public timeline for tweets that match your search string.


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I'm twitdicted.

I’ve been using twitter for many months now. Not only has it been a
great tool to help me keep track of my co-workers, but it’s also been
an interesting and useful tool in my recruiting activities.


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BSG Alliance is so innovative, it's SCARY!

My boss and I were talking today, and she mentioned that, every so

often, she runs across a candidate who is literally scared by the

innovative way BSG Alliance delivers value. I agreed with her - I have

seen a few of those candidates myself. You see, BSG Alliance is focused

on transforming our customers into Next Generation Enterprises.…


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Candidate Tracking System - Why We Chose Jobvite

Over the past several months, I have been in the throes of a candidate

tracking system selection and implementation process. It was a daunting

task. There are hundreds of systems out there, and I had to narrow it

down to the right one for BSG Alliance. We look at all of our software

(our platform for doing business, as it were) as a strategic advantage.

We needed a candidate tracking system that not only fulfills our needs,

but does so better, faster, more… Continue

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Where have all the leaders gone?

I’ve been doing some reading on Generation Y. You know – the kids born

from 1976 to 2003, inclusive. The kids who’ve grown up in the digital

age. The kids who can’t remember a time before cable television,

self-service gas stations, video games, and computers. The kids who

have no idea what a turntable is, since the music they listen to fits

into a 1.5 inch square piece of machinery called a “Shuffle” (mine’s

pink, by the way). Vinyl is what we use to make pleather… Continue

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Facebook and Building Relationships

I’ve been on Facebook for a while now. I actually got an account on

Facebook a couple of years ago, using my Texas A&M University

alumnus email address, in order to check up on potential new members

for my sorority (yes, yes, I was a sorority girl... we’ve been through this…).…


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Why I Love BSG Alliance

First, I have a crazy sense of loyalty to Steve Papermaster. The man gave me my first job out of college,

and kept in touch with me in the intervening years. When he was ready

to start BSG Alliance, he asked me to be a part of his team, even

though I’d been out of the paid workforce for 6 years. He’s engaging,

funny as all-get-out, and someone who people just… Continue

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