Arkansas fired coach Bobby Petrino and the CEO of Best Buy is under investigation by the board the "personal conduct"; this is after he stepped down as CEO. And who could forget the CEO of HP debacle that too place back in 2010 when Mark Hurd was fired for sexual harassment.

As a recruiter this is something that no hiring team can foresee...or can they. What can recruiters and hiring managers do to stave off this kind of behavior that can tarnish and otherwise great institution?

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Comment by Sandra McCartt on April 13, 2012 at 1:17pm
Ok, ditch the apple, let's call it the fruit of the poison tree if you will. Although the high profile stuff is great media fodder this stuff has been the subject of many local stories as long as u can remember.

One of my fav of all time were the two young staff accountants who decided in a moment of lust to get it on in the conference room. As the story goes they were highly engrossed in making the beast with two heads when they heard the front office door being unlocked and people talking. The young man being an enterprising sort, grabbed his pants and she's, jumped on the conference table, removed a ceiling tile and climbed into the brace work that held the acoustical ceiling. The young lady arranged herself just as two guys from security came through to check the offices as they do when lights are on very late.

All would have remained a secret tryst if as the young lady was explaining that she was just working late so was a bit disheveled except that the ceiling braces gave way causing the young man (pants and shoes in hand) to drop unceremoniously from the ceiling to the middle of the conference table in his boxers. Along with a large cloud of pieces of acoustical tiles and twisted metal braces left hanging from the ceiling.

He was fired the next day, the young lady left rather than take the ration of being the fair maiden of the ceiling caper.

The managing partner said he really didn't care who was boinking whom but it had taken him years to get approval for a high dollar conference table. So destroying company property was a firing offense not to mention the fact that if one of his auditors didn't have enough judgement not to climb into a non weight bearing ceiling, he was sure not going to send him to a refinery to do an inventory audit of ammonia tanks.

The scars in the top of said conference table turned the story into an oft told reminder that captain Quig may have had strawberries but the managing partner rubbed his hand over the gouge marks in his prized conference table and shook his head in sadness for years.
Comment by Bill Schultz on April 13, 2012 at 3:19pm

LOL, reminds me of Seinfeld's "Was that Wrong?" scene.


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