I Think It Is Time For a Recession.... REALLY

I can't remember the last time I wrote a post on Recruiting Blogs.  I've been pretty quiet the past couple of years.  My blogging career really started around 2012 right here on this site!  I didn't have anywhere else to write or express my opinions.   It was a popular thing to do and I shared more content than most people write in years.  It got to be a little bit of an obsession.  

I stopped because I was tired of talking about recruiting.  I also realized that people got tired of reading.  People got lazy and wanted to watch videos (at least that is my humble opinion)..  

So, here I am in 2019 and I wanted to write once again.  Most everyone has moved to Facebook to have conversations, but I always enjoyed the good old fashioned blogs.

So, the question of the hour is what can I rant about today?  The great thing about my writing is that I almost always created some sort of controversy.  The thing about blogging is that every sentence is scrutinized and truthfully, I hope you do scrutinize what I say.

I want to talk about the fucking crazy economy.  That is right.  I am downright sick of it.  As recruiters, we shouldn't bitch about the economy when it is doing well, but I am here to do it.  

I bet most everyone reading this is nodding their head.  It is a headache.  Candidates are shit shows, clients are a pain in the ass and everyone seems to know everything about recruiting.

See the thing is, I have done this for a while.   This economy has brought out the worst in everyone.  Companies think they can have the best and not pay crap..  Candidates are demanding more and are becoming entitled ass- holes.   Interviewing people has become a huge ordeal and candidates are sick of it.

No one except a recruiter would be asking for a recession, but I swear- we all need to get back to reality.  Salaries need to get back in line, candidates need to be a little more humble, and the excess recruiters need to go.  YES, I am talking about the ones who don't know what the hell they are doing and tainting our image now worse than ever.  If you think you are one of those recruiters, it is time to step up and prove me wrong. 

The thing about a recession is the good recruiters stay and the others..  Well, they do other things.

Do I think a recession is going to kill recruiting.  NO.. There will be more contract- to- hire jobs.  Companies will work with recruiters who are seen as trusted advisors.   I'm telling you it needs to happen.  

I'd love to hear your thoughts and please don't hold back..  I don't know if this will be buried in the bottom of Recruiting Blogs or trend on LinkedIn.  Truthfully, I don't give a damn.

What call to action should we take in this economy?  Is the recession the only thing that is going to stop this insanity?  

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Comment by Noel Cocca on September 26, 2019 at 1:02pm

Great to see you again Will

Comment by Will Thomson on September 26, 2019 at 1:05pm

Good to be seen Noel!  Hope you are doing well.  What are your thoughts about this crazy economy?


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