Banished!! A Few Words That Should Be Eradicated From Resumes... and Society In General

Are there any words in the English language that bother you simply for the way they sound as they roll off your tongue? The positioning of your lips as you pronounce the word? Am I the only one irritated by this type of thing?

Take, for example, the word "pudding." Although I don't think that the word pudding (or the DESSERT pudding) should be eradicated, it certainly is a strange word to say. You just have to watch the person's mouth who says the word..... "pu... dding". Odd.

Or the word "supposedly". The word supposedly in and of itself is not a bad word, but since 98.75% of the population incorrectly pronounce the word as "supposably", the word is offensive and should therefore be banished until such a time that it is pronounced and utilized properly.

In the recruiting world, the one word that should absolutely be tarred and feathered, blown out of a cannon, given its walking papers - you get the picture, is "SEASONED".

Seasoned. Why don't you just write "around since the earth cooled", "older than dirt," or "guaranteed generational clash of work style/ethics". Whether or not this is true, this is the picture that using that word engenders!

Why, for the love of humanity, WHY???

Here's some advice from Nancy - find your resume, search it for the word "seasoned". If that word is in there, delete it. Banish it. ERADICATE IT! Replace it with a word that expresses a positive mental image, something that inspires confidence. This may require that you completely restructure your "summary" paragraph since many people lead off with "seasoned executive" phrase, but it is necessary!

Go on now, check your resume out and make necessary corrections. Nancy is waiting...

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Comment by Sally Raade on October 18, 2008 at 2:05am

Great blog....What about the words, "Over " Remember a resume is a marketing tool! Words are powerful; within the 30 seconds or less, the reader is forming an opinion!

What about the statement as an introduction, "By looking at my education and work experiences, you will see that I"m perfect for the job"....this normally tells me that they don't have the experience that I'm looking for......


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