Slashes Jobs Nationwide

Our wonderful friends in Phoenix have had to make the tough decision to slash jobs across the country. The one time up and coming job board with the video and blogs, plus $65 million in investments, is slowly winding down their business operations across the country with their local approach. The so-called "franchise" model of local offices is failing as the economy weakens. Gone are several Director level positions plus sales and marketing people from coast to coast.

The future is not a bright one for the company that spent close to $1 million at SHRM just a few months ago. We have to assume Matos (CEO) and team were attempting to unload the business and showing the brighter side of things at this years SHRM conference. The executive night out at the Cubs game obviously didn't go off as planned.

What's next for this at one time up and coming organization? They are ripe for a buyout as staff leaves, revenue falls and the investors are looking for a return on their at this point close to $75 million investment.

Many in the industry are wondering how Matos and team could have gone through so much cash in only 2 years. The future is dim - let's see if they can pull a rabbit out of a hat and keep the doors open.

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Comment by FORMERJOBING on October 31, 2008 at 11:17am
Regardless of the anonymity of the messenger, the information is correct. Jobing has been hit hard due to mismanagement (local and executive) of people and finances. I too am a former jobbing and fell in love with the people and mission. Notice I did not say environment like so many cling to in their expressions of jobbing. I did love the environment; I loved the impact I had on people and the community I lived in and served even more.
The fine people who are no longer with Jobing were brought on during the period of time when there was tremendous growth going on. The growth was unnecessary on the local level. Senior management felt as though they could step on the gas pedal and accelerate their growth in each market thereby gaining overall exponential growth.
The expenditures made at the two most recent SHRM expositions were for different purposes. I believe the first was a true coming out party; one made to show the HR world that "Here we are and we are here to stay! Lookout world!” Infact, these exact words were made by senior management to the more than 140 staff present for the event. The second show was really about finding additional investment into the company. Money was short and the pressure to get to profitability was huge. The investors wanted a return on their investment not excuses. The most unfortunate aspect of their huge investments at SHRM was the fact that the ROI was almost incalculable; they were money losing propositions.
It is no secret to any informed Jobing that there were many blunders made by management (local and executive) with respect to staffing, advertising, marketing, relationship management, pricing, etc. The investment money was running out and questions were abound about the viability of individual markets, not just positions. Local management’s failure to be open, honest and direct with employees (transparency has always been a staple at jobbing) led to more uncertainty to local staff. Employees began to crumble under unreasonable stress for revenue. Even non-revenue producing positions were given monthly revenue goals to support local operations.
This is not a one time reduction at Jobing; this has been going for about a year. Recruitment efforts were slashed within the past year and ultimately eliminated (from a corporate level) in April. Many local managers are now responsible for recruiting (which is not permitted under current conditions. All training staff is now in local markets sales positions. Interesting, we are asked to convince employers to advertise their brand in a time when they are not recruiting and speak to great, talented people and jobbing is not recruiting. Most recruiting consultants will tell you that this is a phenomenal time to find extraordinary talent. Again, interesting that a company like this would cease all recruitment functions.
My affection for the people and mission of Jobing is still ever present. I am no longer operating in this space and still have tremendous interest in their success. I wish them well and hope they stay on target with their initial model. My fear is that their localized model is irreparably changed and they will become more of an e-commerce company rather than one that touches each local client, which is what they are known and loved for.
Comment by Jobing on October 31, 2008 at 3:43pm
The funny thing about this article is the fact that their PR guy quit amid the shakeup this week. I'm sure his voluntary departure was one they were not ready for. This is the time to get some good PR as the company dramatically shrinks across the country. California and Florida were decimated with staff cuts and the organization needs someone out front letting their community of employers know they are still in business.
Comment by Amitai Givertz on October 31, 2008 at 8:00pm
FORMERJOBING, thanks for your lengthy and detailed account. It is helpful for people like me to get an insider's perspective. Even so, and once again, there are two separate issues here.

One is the thread you are developing in your assessment. The other is the issue of whether or not one should seek immunity for their own reputation while calling into account the reputation of others, misrepresenting themselves in the process.

Everything you say may well be true, irrefutable. And "FORMERJOBING" at least states your real status/position, a perfectly good pseudonym. But, that's not the point. The point is this:

Jobing is not Jobing anymore than I'm Marilyn Monroe, nor anymore legally entitled to call themselves that than I am to publish under Marilyn Monroe's name.
Comment by No Jobing on November 1, 2008 at 7:36pm
Oh this is great I have been waiting for this issue to start popping up on the recruitment blogs. There is one person and one person only responsible for the condition of at this time. That person is Aaron Matos (CEO). Jobing has a policy of not participating in local events that are not HR focused. Anything that requires money or donations is avoided if it does not support the HR community. SO, in probably of the largest examples of Jobings on going contradictions, they go and spend 30 million over the course of the 10 years to put their name on an arena. Oh yeah that makes sense!!! What does that have to do with Human Resources? This man is afflicted with megalomania and pedals a series of principles that he himself does not subscribe to. My favorite is the tag line "It's all about Great people" Really? I can not begin to tell you how many great people this man has chased out of the organization because they either didn't agree or conform to his demands. Oh he has a vision, a vision that many shared and for some time actually believed in, but when they (the homogenized executive team)decided to revert back to classical management style and lead by fear tactics and uncalled for pressure, it was then that many decided that it just wasn't worth it anymore.

Many have left before this second round of layoffs. When you add up the failed leadership with all the other unconventional policy's that they pedal. For instance....No vacation time, No sick time and many are pressured into working well over 50+ hours a week and then they are still reminded that they are not doing enough, I am sure those who were let go will find that in the end if was for the better. The grass is greener on the other side. Once you cleanse yourself of the Jobing toxins you will soon see that this company does not deserve to be great especially while the person driving the bus is the furthest thing from it.
No Jobing!
Comment by FORMERJOBING on November 3, 2008 at 5:21pm
I am curious why we haven't heard anything from Joel "Cheezhead" Cheesman on this issue. Joel always provides an interesting persepective on anything that happens in this space. Could it be because of the relationship between Jobing and Cheezhead?
Comment by No Longer Jobing on November 4, 2008 at 9:28am
The really sad thing about all this is the fact that so many great people lost their jobs across the country. Over the past 6 months as jobs were being cut they always said "performance" reasons. If Jobing actually had execs qualified to lead an organization they would not only be honest with themselves but also honest with the great people they are letting go. Many of the people downsized, fired, let go or whatever you want to call it were top performers in the organization. Jobing like so many other companies runs rampant with favoritism. This favoritism will likely be the downfall.
Relating back to a previous comment - Jobing has no sick, vacation, time off policy in place which keeps the employees working more days per year than other places. They also have every employee as a salaried employee - nobody is hourly at Jobing. They do force their inside sales team to work 50 plus hour weeks. When they need a day off or leave early the mantra comes out about working hard and making this a great place to work.
So unfortunate that their little GTC (get the clients) motto will never come to play across the country until either Aaron is out or he gets smart and hires a real business person to run the company.
Comment by Tina Huckabay on November 7, 2008 at 11:30am
Doesn't Indeed have a forum where previous employee's go to tell the "truth" about previous employers? This isn't an anonymous forum, it is opinions by and for a COMMUNITY seeking to share, help, grow and learn. It's not that I'm not interested in what you might have to just doesn't mean much if I don't know who you are. If you can't be yourself and contribute, there are many other places you can post your thoughts and believe me, anyone here that wants to read about it will find it. Very unattactive to call someone out who put's their name on contributions while you don't.

Going to put my broom away now.


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