It's funny to think that nowadays we can rent a little space in a virtual world and plant a stake in the ground and call it our own. Some people will come by for a visit to take a look around and others set up camp right beside you. I'm going to be setting up shop in order to make friends and create a space where people can drop by to read and chat about staffing, technology and well...staffing technology.

Sales and Consulting
Currently most of my time is spent in the world of vendor management and managed services. I know what you're thinking, "exciting", I know. During my days I dream up ways in which I can prove to people that I've not yet met that I can get in their head, understand their world of business and jump back out in order to propose a smarter way to work. It's a strange game when you think about it. A little presumptuous don't you think?

Painting Pictures
Again, I find it funny when you think of what staffing really is, what it boils down too. A trading or engagement of talent, skills and experience more times than not for money. People safely bartered and traded from one company and project to the next. What's even funnier is that I try and find ways to illustrate to people that with the right tools and the right ideas they can accomplish this more easily and with less hassle. It's my job to let them know that their organization can be stronger, faster and smarter and I'm only armed with pictures, words and some good ideas. It's most likely the same for you and the person down the hall from from you.

Since We're in This Together
I'm looking forward to having some fun with this. Work should be fun, right? On a regular basis I'm going to write about what's worked for me in my daily sales routine in the land of recruiting and staffing, tips, tricks and secrets..and more importantly the situations that have gone completely sideways and upside down. I hope to bump into some of you in the big, bad Blogosphere and hear your success stories and crash and burn favourites.

Until Next Time


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Comment by Corey Harlock on January 18, 2010 at 11:49am
I can relate! I work exclusively in Hospitality - and it is funny how many people in my industry are not very hospitable! They tend to be very suspicious, untrusting and guarded. Even when you wnat to give them some free "advice" based on real life statistics about how to better recruit and retain good staff theyalways seem to be looking for the "hook" or the what does it cost me!
Unfortunately there have been several people before me that worked very hard to give what I do a bad name and as we all know, it take a lot of extra work to bring them back around.


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