10 Things You Should Never Do at an Interview

Getting a job is now more difficult than ever, starting with the application process and ending with the interviews. Once you have submitted the resume you have worked so hard on, it is time to move on with the next step and get ready for the interview. If you got the call you were hoping to get, it is time to get prepared to impress the interviewer and make them choose you from all the candidates.

'The first impression at an interview is key to getting the job you want, but there is much more to it than this. If you want to impress the employer, you should learn what to do, but learning what not to do is equally important.'' – says Jeremy Pope, a professional writer at Essayontime.

So, what should you never do at an interview? Read on to see the 10 things you must avoid at all costs!

Too Much Makeup

Of course, this tip applies to women only, but is highly important. A woman that wears too much or no makeup looks unprofessional or as she has not made any effort to get the job whatsoever.

If you are unsure of how much makeup you should use, you can always check out the women who work in the company and get an idea. If not, the safest way is to put minimal makeup on.

Arriving Late

Employers expect their employees to arrive in time. If you are late on your interview, they will never trust you to be professional and responsible, which immediately eliminates you from the selection. Being late is also considered a disrespect of the company that invited you for the interview.


Many people smoke today, but you should never smoke before getting to your interview. Professional discrimination for smoking is still very common, which means that your employer may prefer a non-smoker due to the frequent breaks smokers take.

Excessive Body Language

Regardless of how many interviews you have been at so far, the importance this part carries can easily make you nervous. This is why it is important to practice body language and pay attention to your movements while speaking to the potential employer. You may not notice this in the moment, but many people get nervous and do things like scratching their head, clicking a pen or waving with the hands too much.

Wearing Too Much Perfume

Your favorite scent is important, but make sure to wear the right dose of perfume when at an interview. A strong scent or too much perfume can cause a headache to people, which is why you must be very moderate with your perfume.

Saying Bad Things about Former Employers

It does not matter how bad your previous boss treated you – you should never speak about it during your interview. Most of us have bad stories from former workplaces, but this will never form a good impression in a potential employer.

Chances are, the interviewer will want to know these things and might ask questions related to your former employers. If they ask you why you left your job, it is best to say that you are ready for something better.

Disrespecting the Company's Dress Code

If you want to get a job, you must dress for it. When at an interview, dress in a way suitable for that particular company or organization. For example, fieldwork requires casual wardrobe, while office jobs require something sleek.

Interrupting the Interviewer

Never cut through the chaise, even if you know the question the employer will ask or you want to clear up something. You should always wait for the interviewer to finish their thought and speak afterwards. You can always say what you want once you have carefully listened to what they have to say.

None or Too Much Eye Contact

People who do not make eye contact with the employers seem unconfident, while those who keep staring at the interviewer look creepy, stiff and unprofessional. Make sure to keep the eye contact relaxed and casual.

Wrong Posture

Many postures can leave a bad impression with your interviewer. For example, if you curve your back forward, they may think you are unconfident. If you cross your arms, you will seem uninterested in the conversation.

Sit straight and relax your shoulders. Always lean forward a bit to show interest in the conversation. The posture is extremely important at an interview.

If you have learned what not to do at an interview and had some preparations before it, you are ready to get the job of your dreams!

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