10 Weaknesses to Use for the "Strengths and Weaknesses" Interview Question

1. I can be too detail-oriented.

Sample answer: “I can find myself getting too heavily involved in the details of a project. While this is an indicator of my passion for the project, I can spend too much time focusing on the minor details and forget about the holistic needs of the team.”

2. I can care a little too much about our customers.

Sample answer: “At my previous job, I found myself using too much empathy. In certain circumstances, like in a nursing home, you have to distribute empathy equally. I found it difficult not to connect with a few patients emotionally.”

3. I have a hard time saying “no.”

Sample answer: “Saying no is really difficult for me. I like to make sure that our customers and team members are happy. Though, I recognize that if I say ‘Yes’ all the time, I might not be able to follow through with my promise. And this lets my team or customers down even more.”

4. I have a hard time letting go of a project.

Sample answer: “When I’ve spent a healthy amount of time and effort on a project, I have a hard time letting others get involved. At my previous job, there was a project I spent 12-months on. And when another team member came to take it over, I found it difficult not to check in on the project and potentially micromanage periodically.”

5. I sometimes lack confidence.

Sample answer: “When others ask my opinion, I struggle to present my thoughts and opinions even though I feel they are on target with what the company needs or the project needs. This is simply me not being able to ‘speak up’ for myself.”

6. It can be difficult to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Sample answer: “When I get really passionate about a project, I can spend a little too much time on it and find myself getting a little burnt out. I need to remember that spending time away from a project is healthy.”

7. I can find adaptability to be too comfortable.

Sample answer: “I get concerned about the fact that I’m too comfortable with adaptability. Changing environments and the changing of hands. I’d like to think that stability is a good thing at times and is something I should be comfortable with as well.”

8. I often find myself working too many hours and getting burnt out.

Sample answer: “Some days I simply can’t put my work down. And I forget that I’m going to have to come back to work the next day. I might work late into the night and get incredibly passionate about a problem. I have to remember to pace myself and think clearly.”

9. I have a hard time shifting from one project to another.

Sample answer: “If I’m particularly passionate about one project, I can find it hard to shift into another project. Not because I won’t have a passion for it, but because I feel like I wasn’t able to complete the previous project fully.”

10. I can be overly helpful to others.

Sample answer: “I love helping others. But this can be a fault sometimes. Depending on the personality type, someone might see ‘help’ as micromanaging or getting involved in their work. I really need to be cautious of how I help others and what methods I use to do that.”

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