12 Best Tools For Social Media Recruiting

Social media is one of the best ways to hire new blood today. You can get an instant feel for what a person is like and see the experience they have, before you even get them in for interview. Here's 12 of the best tools to use if you're going to started recruiting online.

1. Connect.data and others

LinkedIn is already a staple of job hunters and recruiters, thanks to its powers of bringing them together through a social network. There are enough alternative sites where you can find business contacts (Connect.data) or build a contact with a person of the right environment (Meetup ) Do not miss the opportunity to register as many accounts as possible on different alternative websites, even if those seem small and worthless! The digital world is developing rapidly, perhaps one of them may become much bigger than LinkedIn.


2. Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is a relatively new but highly useful tool that you should be taking advantage of. You can place full job listings on there, so you can catch any interested party that might apply. The beauty of using this tool is that nearly everyone is on Facebook these days, so you couldn't have a wider audience.


3. Facebook Pages

Speaking of Facebook, Facebook Pages are another great way of finding the right people to work for you. If you're already up on your social media, then you'll know that a good Facebook page can bring in a lot of business and attention. It can also be the best way to hire a new recruit. After all, they're already following your Facebook page, they'll have the knowledge and the enthusiasm to work for you.


4. About.me

This site is used to by freelancers to give potential clients a real feel for what they do. You can browse the pages on this site and look for someone who would fit in with you existing business. About.me pages are unique in that they give you a real overview of what a person is like, before you get in touch with them.


5. Big Assignments

When creating job adverts to use on social media, they need to be just as well written as any you'd use elsewhere online. This service is designed to help you write those adverts. The writers here can help you put together an advert that will appeal to your intended audience. They'll also help you edit any adverts you've already written.


6. BranchOut

BranchOut essentially lets you turn Facebook into LinkedIn. You can overlay employer information over Facebook profiles, so you can search by name, employment history, and more. it gives you a much wider net when it comes to looking for new recruits.


7. Instagram

If you're looking for someone with a flair for visual arts or attention to detail, then Instagram could be the best place to look. There's plenty of people who've already hired through the platform, as they've been able to get a feel for their style before getting in touch.


8. Paper Fellows

Paper Fellows is unique as it fosters a community that cares about writing. As such, they're a great place to go if you want to consult with a writer about your job postings. They'll help you write a post that will get you the person you need.


9. Streak CRM

This tool lives in your Gmail inbox, and is invaluable when you're talking to several potential new hires at once. The software allows you to track the people you're talking to, so you never lose emails and always know where you are with everyone you're interested in.


11. Twitter

Top brands like Disney are currently using Twitter to find new talent, so you can too. The use of hashtags and targeted campaigns can go a long way towards drawing new recruits to you. There's millions of users, so it's a market you should absolutely tap.


11. Hire Rabbit

This site helps you create your own recruitment platform that you can use on social media, especially Facebook. It gives you one dashboard where you can organise everything, especially helpful when there's so much to do.


12. Jobvite

This site offers you a full online tracking system to keep track of your applicants. It's trusted by many different brands, and can be customised to suit you and your needs. Use it to track your applicants, no matter where they're applying from.


Social media is the perfect place to hire these days, but you still need to know where you should be looking. Use these tools and websites to find the right hire for you. After all, talent is found in the most unexpected places.

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