We just did a post on Zoom Meetings, a way to interview over a long distance. This caused us to think, what should candidates do differently over a camera than they would in person? We assembled this post just for you! Here are 15 tips for a video interview.

1. No, you shouldn't wear black. Yes, black can be slimming in person, but on camera, it can cause your lines to blend together, making you look like a shapeless blob. This is especially true on darker-skinned people, while it can make lighter-skinned people look paler and washed out.

2. Instead, choose jewel-tone colors. These colors look good on most people, and will contrast against every skin color. You can then choose to wear a black blazer over it, if you desire. Navy blue is a great color.

3. Don't fidget. Microphones pick up a lot of sound, and a small tapping of the pen can sound much louder over the microphone. While you may think your hands are off-camera and therefore not noticeable, tremors run up your arm, letting the interviewer know you're fidgeting.

4. Avoid patterns, especially small ones, and shiny fabric. Patterns like thin pinstripes either won't show on the camera, or the camera won't pick it up correctly, causing what is known as the moiré effect. Shiny fabric will reflect the light and be distracting.

5. Remember our other interview tips.

6. Sound comes across differently than it does in person. While most people know that the camera can add ten pounds, it can take away energy levels. Our YouTuber friends express that they have to put out more energy than they feel in order to get any energy across. They also exaggerate facial expressions and use makeup to hide more than usual. Dark circles and blemishes are more noticeable. Be sure to balance your makeup; non-neutral colors are also picked up more easily by the camera and may look overdone.

7. Do a test run. Check lighting, equipment, how you look on camera, and how you sound.

8. Review it, whether by yourself, a friend, or with your recruiter.

9. Don't forget the small stuff. Jewelry, including watches, can catch the light, either blinding the camera or distracting the interviewer and can cause noisy clatter. Is there anything in your background that would be distracting? Can you see people walk by your office?

10. Assume the worst will happen. If your camera falls, will it catch sight of a messy desk or private information? If you're using your cell phone, what happens if you have a call come through? Do you have a backup plan if the internet cuts out? Do you know what to do if something happens to the interviewer?

11. Consider your hair. In person, we don't generally notice shadows caused by hair, but on camera, shadows can be amplified, causing odd, unintended results.

12. Be sure to shave/wax beforehand, if you're clean-shaven. Cameras pick up the small details sometimes, so be sure you are well-groomed beforehand with no sign of stray hairs.

13. If you can see without them, take off your glasses. Glasses will reflect your screen, surroundings, and lighting. 

14. Flyaways. While we don't usually notice them in person, the camera picks up stray strands of hair, making them more obvious.

15. We know it's hard, but try to avoid using words that include the letters "p" and "s." If you have a lower-quality microphone, it can sound harsh on the other side. Practice softening the sounds in case you need to use them and again, test it beforehand by recording a short video to see how it sounds.

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