3 Additions To Make Your Workplace More Appealing

In recent years, many prominent companies have taken steps to make their workplaces more employee-friendly, with the result being that more employees and clients now view a trip to the office as being a more positive experience. Indeed, many experts suggest that a work environment that relieves stress and rewards hard work also leads to greater company productivity and overall morale, which means that an investment in an appealing workplace can result in higher employee performance and bigger profits. With companies like Google now providing their employees with perks such as indoor climbing walls and gourmet foods like brick-oven pizza at mealtimes, it's likely that the trend towards friendlier and more rewarding workplaces will set the pace for other companies in the future.

While not every company can afford space for employee gyms or restaurants, even small companies without the resources of Google or Amazon can make key differences in their workplaces without breaking the bank. Here are just a few ways to turn a drab office into a more positive and appealing place to work.

  1. Warm Lighting and New Colors

If you've ever seen the comedy film "Office Space," you probably noticed that an underlying theme in the film concerns the negative effect that a dull atmosphere can produce on otherwise hard-working employees. After all, most of us know what it's like to be in a cubicle-packed office with a dull grey paint job and bright neon lighting; everything feels a bit more sluggish and unpleasant, and productivity goes by the wayside fast. Traditionally, most offices were outfitted with standard white walls and long stretches of neon lighting to keep things simple and mundane in the workplace, but more and more business owners are doing away with the boring appearances of yesteryear's office decor. With even the small additions of a happier shade of blue or yellow in an office paint scheme and light fixtures that give off a warm and natural glow, employees are sure to feel better and more upbeat as they complete their daily tasks. After all, no one wants to get work done when they're feeling unhappy about their work environment.

  1. A Comfortable Break Room

When stress is high at a workplace, it can sometimes be difficult to find a place to relax, and that can be damaging to employee morale. Even small additions to a company break room such as a comfortable couch or a mini-fridge filled with healthy snacks can make a tough workday easier, and when employees are more relaxed, they are able to work harder and more efficiently. A good coffee machine can not only help employees boost their energy during an afternoon slog through paperwork, it can also encourage a sense of friendship as workers meet to discuss the day's agenda. For non-coffee drinkers, a good stock of refreshments such as soft drinks or bottled water can keep employees feeling rested and on top of their work. Perks such as these can make a good work day even better, and that is what teamwork is all about.

  1. Great Security

When employees or company owners aren't feeling confident in a business's security protocols, the results can be hard on morale, especially when key information about a business's finances and ideas are left open to theft or other wrongdoing. After all, no one wants to develop a new app only to find that the underlying code has been stolen before a big presentation to investors.

Fortunately, smart home security systems can be great additions to a workplace in the event that tighter security on personal and professional information is needed, and with the right security system in place, owners and employees alike can feel happy and confident that their hard work won't be upended by a data breach that could cost a company hours of lost productivity or even employee job security.

For these reasons, changing up the tone of a workplace doesn't have to be difficult, and employees and clients are likely to notice even small changes to company security or comfort in a big way. With a revamping of just a few small details, employees, coworkers, and clients are likely to appreciate an office or other workspace that feels positive, secure, and rewarding to visit. And that is company management done right!

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