3 Ways an ATS Will Change Your Recruiting Department

Called an Applicant Tracking System, but oh so much more to the recruiters who have come to know and love this software. Once known for being a luxury that only the larger companies could afford, ATSs are quickly becoming the Swiss Army Knife of tools in recruiting and HR departments of all sizes, in every industry. As the tech has gotten more user-friendly, scalable and cost effective, everyone is getting ahold of an ATS.

Check out what recruiters are experiencing when they ditch the spreadsheets and start using the right Applicant Tracking Software.

You can now focus on the people matters in recruiting and hiring.

For a long time, overtaxed recruiters and HR professionals have been forced to focus on the paperwork, compliance demands and the overall clerical work that goes into enrolling a new hire. This leaves little time to onboard properly, gather feedback from the candidate or help the new employee adapt socially to their new work environment.

A recent study revealed that of 20,000 new hires, nearly half of them (46%) failed within a year and a half. Of those new hires that failed, 89% of the times it was for attitudinal reasons, not lack of necessary skills.

Recruiters everywhere are realizing the importance of a proper cultural and attitudinal fit, over the traditional emphasis on skill or experience. When recruiters don’t have to micromanage every step of the documentation and compliance process, they can work towards ensuring that proper fit. This has been shown to increase retention rates, employee engagement levels and overall productivity.

Organization, finally!

When new users finally get to dive into Cyber Recruiter, they realize very quickly that this tech does so much more than parse and organize information from job applications and resumes. Hiring managers and recruiters can create requisitions effortlessly with templates, or from scratch. They can also review, share and score an applicant through an internal mailing system on the platform.

Once your team decides on a new hire, you can send the approval to the candidate through the platform, with all necessary new hire documents. No more volleying emails back and forth.

Offer a better candidate experience.

If your hiring process is a mess on the back end, it’s a mess on the candidate end as well. Disorganization and undefined processes will lead to a lengthy hiring process, poor communication with the candidate and even multiple rounds of interviews that are very often, completely unnecessary.

Candidates don’t have to stick around while you get it together. Furthermore, the hiring process is where the new employee starts to form their opinion of the entire organization. They want speed, communication and efficiency. HR pro and founder of popular HR and Recruiting blog site, Blogging4Jobs, said:

“The saying, Candidates are Customers too, should be hung over every wall of Human Resources departments across the country. Sometimes we forget that each candidate that goes through the HR department will most likely influence a future purchasing decision of your product/service.”

A good ATS will take most new users by surprise, as they do more than their name would suggest, and this is just a taste. ATS users experience improved scheduling, seamless onboarding and much more. Is your team ready to experience life with an ATS?

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