4 Avenues Recruiters Should Investigate When Scouting

Filling a new position, even for a reputable company, often isn’t as easy as you’d imagine. If you’re a job recruiter, then you’ve experienced this problem first hand. Sometimes, it seems you have to scour the Earth just to find a few decent candidates. With the right strategy, however, you can discover the types of talent you’re looking for. The key is simply to look in the right places. Here are avenues to pursue the next time you’re looking to fill a position.

Recent College Graduates

Fresh out of their college classes, graduates are usually eager to put everything they’ve learned to good use. As important as experience can be, you shouldn’t underestimate the benefits of youthful enthusiasm. In their desire to start their careers off right, young workers will be hard-working and diligent. As members of a younger generation, they’ll also bring fresh ideas to the table.

Job Agencies

As a recruiter, it’s essential to build a positive relationship with local job agencies. These are the organizations that many people work through when they’re actively seeking employment. If you find an agency with a good crop of candidates, you can return there again and again. Temp agencies are particularly useful when it comes to filling short-term positions.

Recently Laid off Employees

When companies find themselves in dire economic straits, they’re often forced to lay off perfectly useful employees. This leaves a trail of excellent workers in the wake of failing businesses. Smart recruiters pay attention to the local financial news so that they can take advantage of massive layoffs. Any time a company is forced to downsize, be ready to jump on experienced workers who have been left without a job.

Eager High School Graduates

Many companies and recruiters falsely assume that a college degree is necessary for a person to make a great employee. In reality, high school graduates who avoid going the university route are often bright, keen, and creative. They are just as eager to have productive careers, and they’re comfortable ignoring social norms in the interest of doing what suits them. This suggests an independence of mind that could make them excellent workers.

When it comes to recruiting, the key is to find the richest sources of talent. From recent high school graduates to laid-off employees with decades of experience, there are always suitable candidates out there if you know where to look.

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