4 Fool-Proof Executive Recruitment Techniques from Met Marketing

This article discusses four tricks that an executive recruiting agency can use in order to get the right candidate for the right job. We spoke with top Digital Industries recruitment firm Met Marketing in Leeds, UK about some great ideas for Executive recruitment and getting exactly the right candidate digital marketing is an area growing in the UK and indeed the world due to technological expansion so these are some fantastic tips for prospective employers this is what they told us.

Test Candidates before the Interview

Before you interview the candidates you have shortlisted, give them a test before the interview date so that you get an insight into how they will perform if selected for the job. For instance, you can ask them to visit one of your branches and write a report about their observations. This simple test can alert you to the level of organization that candidates have and how good they are at spotting important details in a business. A candidate who makes insightful observations about how products can be displayed better in a showroom is a solution-oriented person who is good to employ as compared to someone who simply identifies mistakes and never makes suggestions to correct those mistakes.

Ask All Interview Questions At Once

Many interviewers end up selecting the wrong candidate because the interviewers talk too much during interviews and have no time to actually listen to or observe the applicant. If you would like to increase your chances of getting the best candidate, present all your questions at a go then sit back and really listen as the interviewee responds. This approach will allow you to gauge how comprehensive each response is and you will also observe the personality of the candidate. For example, if they speak hurriedly and fail to give detailed answers, that may be an indicator of lack of focus on the part of that individual. Such insights can only be possible if you get the questions out of the way then let the candidate speak.

Go On a Trip with the Candidate

This trick may sound unorthodox but it gives excellent insights into the suitability of a candidate for an executive position. That business trip will enable you to get firsthand feedback on the timekeeping habits of the applicant. You will also get to chat informally and this will allow you to get an accurate picture of the applicant’s outlook to life. For instance, a comment about a delayed flight (such as “these foreign airlines!”) can reveal hostility to foreigners and that can cause problems with your overseas clients. The applicant will also receive calls while you are together and that will reveal their phone etiquette. In short, a business trip with an applicant will be an information goldmine about that candidate and you will be able to decide how suitable that individual is for the job.

Ask References to Call You Back

Call references at a wrong hour, such as during a lunch break, and leave a message stating that they should call you back regarding their former employee that you are about to hire. If the candidate was a good employee, the references will quickly call you back but if they doubt his or her abilities, they will not call you back. Take the hint and make a decision basing on how references respond to your message.

When you use the above techniques as you select executive candidates, your executive recruitment agency will quickly get a reputation of being very good at its work.

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