4 Renewable Energy Careers You Should Consider Going Into

The interest in renewable energy took a dramatic shift at the beginning of the 21st century when it became apparent that use of fossil fuels is expensive. At the same time, new ideas cropped up to help consumers save money on energy bills.

There have been deterrents to such ideas and some misguided complaints that have kept certain consumers from adopting good money saving energy practices. But such complaints have not deterred the growth of the renewable energy sector.

Renewable energy encompasses many fields including biofuels, solar and wind. As the renewable energy industry continues to grow, more employment opportunities will continue to emerge.

You could build a career in the green energy sector in the 4 areas below:

1. Alternative technology developer/inventor

As an engineer of new technologies, your work would be to create and improve on new technologies or to work with teams that create green technologies.

You’ll be involved in research, development, design, creation and implementation of green technology components.

You’ll also be involved in designing systems that aid in converting energy from water sources, wind farms and solar fields to the grid.

The process of turning plants into ethanol that can run an engine also involves specialized engineering training.

These are only but a few of the things that an engineer would be involved in, and they cut across the various alternative energy fields.

2. Solar installation and maintenance

Many homes are beginning to use solar energy to power their homes. Though there is an initial set up cost, the prospect of never having to incur electricity bills again is more attractive to consumers.

As such, there will always be need for solar installers. To build a career installing and servicing solar panels, you should have some mechanical or electrical training. Even though you don’t have a college degree, having some sort of certification will improve your earning potential.

As you build more experience, you could move into manufacture and assembly of solar panels where you will earn even more money.

3. Wind-farm project manager

Wind farms require project managers to get them set up. There are many obstacles that present themselves when a wind farm is being set up. Some of them are even in the form of lawsuits.

If you have the skill for jumping over hurdles and getting things done, a career setting up wind farms will be the right one for you.

As a project manager, you will also be in charge of recruiting a team that will make the wind farm a success.

4. Wind-turbine installation and maintenance

The more established wind farms employ a host of employees who carry out a lot of technical jobs and are on different pay grades based on experience.

Workers are in demand to assemble, install and service wind turbines as well as set-up the power distribution systems.

If you have a background in heavy machinery and construction, you could get a job installing and fixing structures. A mechanical or an electrical engineering background will also get you a job in the wind energy industry.

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