4 Rewarding Careers for Individuals that Seek Adventure

Choosing a career is one of the most crucial milestones of your life. Your career will consume the greatest portion of your life for the next 30 or more years. It will also be the aspect of your life that will provide you with sufficient financial resources, a sense of purpose, and enjoyment. Here are some of the rewarding careers you should pursue if you seek adventure.

Outdoor Guide

If you are someone who enjoys hiking or mountain climbing, becoming an outdoor guide might just be the best career for your wild soul. Beginning a career as an outdoor guide will require formal training and courses regarding the environment in which you will be working, how to safely navigate the terrain, and survival techniques. But, once you’ve finished the training and learning portion, a career navigating and hiking through the great outdoors awaits you.


The choice to make a career as a pilot, whether it be commercial or private, can afford you untold opportunities to experience adventures all over the world. There will be a lot of training involved as well as learning-intensive courses in aviation school, but the resulting pilot’s certification will be reward enough. Once you’re a licensed pilot, you can fly rented planes or break into the exciting career of commercial piloting. You’ll visit exotic places, wake up and fall asleep in strange countries, and you’ll get to see the planet from several thousand feet up.

Ski Instructor

As a professional ski instructor, you can spend the bulk of your career living life in the fast lane as you teach visitors at your resort how to ski in a safe and effective manner. This is the perfect career for someone who already enjoys skiing and happens to have mastered the sport already. Not only will you teach novice skiers the basics of skiing but you could also be an instructor for more advanced skiers who need help with their technique.


While this may not seem like an adventurous career at first mention, once you delve deeper into the actual duties of a geologist, you’ll find that it’s rather quite exciting. While you’re studying the formation of rocks and the history of the planet, you’ll also be flying to exotic places and hiking to remote locations to examine cliffs, mountains, volcanoes, and underground caverns.

Regardless of which adventurous career you choose, always remember to plan ahead for your retirement. Make sure that your career leaves room for you to save money towards your retirement and offers you a retirement plan. This allows you to have a security net once your years of adventure-seeking have passed.

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