Being in to the Recruitment industry for so long, I’m sure you’ve heard of Social Networking sites and their effectiveness in recruiting. If you are familiar with the popular Social Media channels such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, then understanding Tumblr will be relatively easier.

Unlike the popular Social Media channels that are designed for different purposes there is one that combines most of the features that a collection of Social Media sites cover separately i.e. Tumblr. Apart from this there are some other aspects such as its optimization, a steady product release and the ease of use on mobile devices that explain why Tumblr became the fastest growing social network in just 6 months. With that being said, the main question still remains unanswered i.e. what are the 4 ways to use Tumblr for Recruiting as a Social Media recruiting channel?

The ways in which one can use Tumblr for recruiting to a major part depends mainly on the type of candidates you’re interested in recruiting. 

Recruiting the Y Generation Candidates

If the individuals you’re targeting are under 35 years then it’s a great place to start. As a recruiter if you’re looking to understand the Y generation and how they talk then this is the perfect place to begin as it’s crowded with individuals between 18 – 29 years.

Looking to Catch Creative Candidates

By now, you’re pretty familiar with the popular Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr’s features too.  The familiarity with Social Media makes it a perfect platform for capturing creative individuals that are usually on your radar. Tumblr’s layout isn’t professional in appearance such as LinkedIn and the information you get about candidates may not be very helpful. To compensate for this drawback Tumblr does have a good data base of samples of the work done by creative individuals. What better way is there to get the right candidate for the job?

Selecting candidates for the Entertainment Industry              

As a direct result of Tumblr’s features you can depend on this platform to seek out the candidates that you are looking for. Besides you’re bound to encounter something worthwhile when you sift through the posts on this incredible channel. It is the perfect channel to view the work your candidates have accomplished that too displayed in an efficient manner.

Create Company Career Pages

Most social networks are constantly focussing on improving the experience of their user base this  limits the chances and channels through which companies wish to conduct their branding efforts. In such a scenario Tumblr is the perfect alternative to branding needs of companies. This is possible because you’ll definitely have access to a better database to promote your company and its products due to its growing user base.

Are you convinced of the effectiveness of Tumblr in fulfilling your branding efforts as well as your recruiting needs? Well there you have it all the information that can help you decide on whether or not Tumblr is a good platform to meet all your needs. Do you have some other points to add that I’ve not covered? If yes, then you can mention them in our comments section and we’ll be glad to add them in our next post.

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