Picture this. You own a travel company. Your workforce comprises of employees belonging from middle age group and most of the employees are males. Moreover, you refrain your hiring team from recruiting people from other races and sexual orientations.

What are the chances of your company getting a quality pool of candidates with diverse perspectives, ideas, and views and also earning good profit out of it? Negligible!

The bottom-line of this short story is that Employee Mix in any business is much more crucial than you think!

To all the readers, scratching their head hard thinking what Employee Mix is and Why should it be taken seriously, here you go:

Employee Mix doesn’t limit to just having people of different ages and religion. That would be a very narrow picture of Employee Mix to portray. Employee Mix in its actual sense would comprise of employees of varying characteristics like Gender, Sexual orientation, Age, Disabilities, Geographic Location, Ethnicity, Race, Education, etc.

And, this workforce mix fosters the organization’s foundation and contributes greatly to strengthening client/customer engagement. Moreover, it also impacts the way candidates perceive your company and influences the brand image they carry in their mind. According to Glassdoor, two-thirds of people consider diversity as an important aspect while deciding where to work.

Yes, that’s the extent to which it impacts and following are the 5 pillars of Employee Mix that have a significant role in creating this impact:

1) AGE

Well, what can be better than people from different generations contributing their part through different competencies and viewpoints and creating a large spectrum of preferences and ideation?

Each of these employees, whether the young minds with innovative ideas or the mature employees with years of experience have their own take on handling each and every situation; providing a wide-range of solutions to the company.


Sodexo- a company dedicatedly working to boost the number of senior female executives to 40% by 2025. Yes, there are companies who have already realized the importance of having a good blend of employees from different genders and are thriving to strike a good balance between male and female employees.

The reason being, providing equal opportunities to both genders bring benefits like different and better market-insights & methodologies and creates a culture that respects views of people from all genders.


The news on people from minorities facing discrimination on the basis of their race and ethnicity have never been hidden. Despite living in a modern era where we have openly welcomed new technologies and innovations, it has been always a matter of concern to accept candidates from other races.

Well, that’s where companies are washing their hand of the benefits their organization can yield out of having people from different races and ethnicity. That’s what is quite apparent in a recent research carried out by Mckinsey. According to the report, companies with ethnically diverse Board are 43% more likely to generate higher profit in business.


Candidates with disability lack required job skills and competencies! Really? Well, the Statistics Canada survey has results to shut down all such myths. According to the survey, 90% of people with disabilities did as well or better at their jobs than non-disabled co-workers.

Such numbers create an awareness for companies living with such myths and ones who need to open their arms to welcome disabled yet highly-competent workforce in their company; creating barrier-free recruitment process.


When it comes to disability and sexual orientation, companies have been restrictive and sceptical about hiring such workforce and the outcome it would generate. However, there are some international giants who have been care-free about the way the world perceives such workforce and have shown their active support in bringing the change for betterment.

Marriott International has been accoladed as ‘Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality’ for considering inclusion of LGBT workforce as their top priority. Well, that might be the reason why they are progressing by leaps and bounds!

These 5 dimensions of diversity help an organization in creating a quality blend of employees and enriches the brand within and across the globe. But, how these dimensions impact various industries and what are the steps that should be taken into consideration while implementing them in the business? To learn that, have a look at the eBook that highlights all the key points that are to be taken care of.

About the Author:

Ruby is a passionate and committed Operations Manager at IMS one world. Her keen analytical skills allow her to assess the business impact of carefully executed and calibrated searches whilst developing long-term relationships with both clients and candidates.  You can find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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